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  • The benefits of playing blocks to children

    Blocks are play materials that come from solid pieces which children used to build different shapes and structures depending on what comes into their imagination at the time of playing. Block play is a process of learning through playing blocks, be it in smaller or bigger sizes. It is also defined as open-ended play, meaning…

  • What will you do if you run out of time?

    What are your thoughts about life and time? Do they always come together? Or do they need to come together? Running out of time especially when we are doing an activity gives an uncomfortable feeling which sometimes results in loneliness, pressure, anxiety, or panic. It gives a regretful feeling because we don’t use the given…

  • 8 tips to have a better conversation

    Talking to someone can help you relieve anxiety, stress, and mood problems. Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes it isn’t. It’s true if the conversation is healthy, peaceful, and productive. It isn’t true if the conversation sounds boastful, envious, and purely negative talking about someone else life. If you aren’t comfortable with the scenario you better…

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