Why you should respect a cesarean mom!

Every woman dreams of having a baby. The excitement and feeling of becoming a mother is somewhat unmeasurable. I can still recall when I am pregnant with my first born. It was so amazing. I cannot explain how happy and excited I am waiting for his coming outside world.

I thought I will be able to deliver him naturally but I didnt. I delivered him via cesarean section, because my passageway cannot fit the baby and my bag of water broke to early, and the doctor adviced me to get in the hospital for emergency cesarean section because of the risk related to it. Premature rupture of membranes is a pregnancy complication. In this condition, the amniotic sac surrounding the baby breaks or ruptures before the due date of delivery. When this happen, you have an increased risk for infection. That’s why doctor’s will usually recommend a cesarian section delivery.

Please, if you know someone who delivered via cesarean section, do not judge, under estimate or criticize her. The pain and fear she felt was not a joke! She felt such pain for weeks and even for months. The pulling sensation in the operated area was so intense and unbearable. Even though your taking pain medicines.

There are a lot of factors that doctors consider if you are a candidate for cesarean section and some studies say that the epidural injection experienced by this moms has an effect later in life.

Cesarean Moms, please do not feel guilty just because you did’nt make it via vaginal delivery, both ways are just equal. You are able to deliver a blessing, it’s your baby! Enjoy every moment with him/her and never think of other things that can bring you down or can make you upset. You have to be happy and be proud of yourself.

You are a great Mom for enduring such pain in order to bring out one beautiful creature into this world, Congrats and God bless us all!

Watch this beautiful short video dedicated for all Moms.

Thank you for reading.

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