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What are the realizations that covid-19 brought into our lives?


Many of us are already exhausted, lonely, stressed and even depressed with what the COVID-19 or the coronavirus brought to us. This pandemic gave us many realizations about life, that:

  • We must be thankful to God for the gift of life.
  • Self-love, self-care and personal hygiene is important.
  • Your Family (Mother, Father, Wife, Husband, Children, Siblings etc.) are the best companions.
  • Home is the safest place to stay.
  • Life is too short, we should enjoy and appreciate it.
  • Health is wealth, nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables are the best food to eat.
  • We need the love and care coming from our loved ones. The comfort they give us can relieve worries/stress.
  • Appreciate the importance of other people who are ready to serve and risk their lives just to make us safe (they are the Frontliners).
  • There are many things that life can offer, that we can do other things (baking, cooking, gardening etc.)
  • We can sacrifice, we can walk short distances without riding a vehicle, we can skip unhealthy foods, we can cook our food without buying in the fast food chain/restaurant.

What is COVID-19 or the coronavirus? A novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified in Wuhan, China in the year 2019. It came from a large family of viruses which can cause illness or even death. It spreads from person to person. When the person affected cough or sneeze, it easily lands to the objects surround him/her. It transfers easily through droplets.

Common to severe symptoms includes:

—Dry cough
—Tiredness or fatigue
—Flu like symptoms- body aches and pains
—Rashes on the skin
—Sense of smell or taste are loss
—Loose stools
—Inflammation of the conjunctiva
—Chest pain
—Loss of speech or movement
—Difficulty of breathing

Note: Consult your doctor or physician right away if you notice any possible symptoms that may indicate a COVID-19 to begin the treatment because the earlier the treatment, the higher the chance of healing.

Who are at greater risk?

Those who have low immune system like babies, elderly and those with underlying diseases.

Precautionary measures that you can do:

  • Always maintain a 1-meter distance to others, use your face mask, specially when you are outside.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water. Sanitize or use alcohol-based to kill viruses.
  • It is possible to catch it to someone who has mild cough but doesn’t look or feel ill (carrier). Avoid going to the crowd.
  • You are experiencing serious symptoms, call the nearest facility before going to the hospital.
  • Practice proper hygiene, cough, and sneeze etiquette. Cover your mouth and nose using your bent elbow or through a tissue, then throw away after using.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. These are the common entry holes of viruses.
  • Boost your immune system through eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly.
  • Do not self-medicate, it may bring bad effects on your health, you better consult your doctor if you feel ill or sick.
  • Listen to your health officials regarding health protocols.
  • Be updated with the current issues regarding COVID-19.

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