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Essential practices that you can do to fight diseases

Fighting diseases

Are you the person who is prone to illnesses or easily get sick? Eating healthy foods or taking vitamins and supplements are not the only way we can boost our immune system. Our daily life practices also play an important role in developing a healthy mind and body.

What is Personal hygiene?

It is an act of performing daily self-care to maintain a healthy and clean body. These are essential practices in order for our body to function well and achieve overall health. Our body is a framework that, to perform at its best, it should be treated well with love and care. We should not be lazy in performing this daily tasks because it is a good way to defense ourselves against illnesses or diseases. This is mostly done at home, so if we have kids, let us teach and show them how to take care of our body for them to appreciate the importance of doing this daily self-care routine. Let us be a role model whom they can imitate, they will carry this practices until they grow up.

These practices includes:

  • Taking a bath regularly. It is a good way to achieve cleanliness because it washes away dead skin cells, oils, dirt, dusts and eliminate germs. This is a preventive measure to reduce the incidence and spread of diseases.
  • Perform proper handwashing before and after meals, when preparing food, after handling dirty objects, after using the comfort room etc. It is one of the simplest and the best way to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to other people.
  • Brushing your teeth after eating your meals. Tooth brushing to clean our teeth, tongue, and gums and to avoid plaque and tooth decay buildups that can cause oral diseases.
  • Combing your hair to make the hair healthy. Tangled hair can cause hair problems. Combing hair can stimulate the scalp and may help to promote better blood flow, when the scalp is healthy, you can also have that healthy hair you want. It helps to move the natural conditioning oils of your scalp down to your hair.
  • Trimming of nails, long nails can trap bacteria and germs easily. It can cause bacterial and fungal infection. We are using our hands in preparing foods and eating our daily meals, so make sure it’s clean to provide safe food on your stomach.
  • Cleaning your outer ear, debris can also accumulate in our ears, so we also need to clean them. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe your ears after bathing. If you choose to use cotton swabs, don’t insert them into your ear canal. It can damage your ear that could lead to hearing problems and ear diseases.
  • Make sure to use clean clothes, undergarments, towels, sacks, and footwear. Microorganisms like fungi and bacteria can accumulate to this essential things we used daily. Using dirty things that come in contact with our skin can lead to body odor and skin diseases.

These are not limited to what we can do for our personal hygiene alone. Fighting diseases also includes taking care of the different areas of our life, such as:

  • Physical self-care: The ability to do activities that can improve you physically. Eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, having enough rest and sleep, physical activities such as exercising, jogging, brisk walking etc. To avoid sedentary lifestyle or inactive way of living, it can lead to becoming overweight or obese.
  • Emotional self-care: The ability to control your emotions. Forgiving one’s mistake, loving unconditionally, avoiding hatred, empathize and sympathize with others.
  • Mental self-care: The ability to focus and think positively. Able to handle stress, eagerness to learn new things, keeping yourself motivated.
  • Social self-care: The ability to socialize and being confident. Being friendly to all, offers good communication, able to network with a social support group which you can count on.
  • Spiritual self-care: The ability to balance your beliefs, noble goals, nature, and environment and your values in life.

We need to adapt with these daily self-care practices for us to easily avoid and fight illnesses and to maintain a healthier body.

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