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Here are tips on how you can achieve a healthier body

Healthy body

A healthy person is not just because he/she is free from various kind of diseases, but must also be healthy in the different aspects of life and that includes our emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being.

Health is wealth because if you are not healthy, you are incapable of doing and performing your daily tasks in life. Even if you are literally rich, you cannot enjoy your money if you are sick, that’s why health is an ultimate wealth. So, to achieve this we have to incorporate healthy activities in our daily routine, and we also have to boost our immune system in order for us not to get sick easily, or prone to frequent infections. If the body has a low immune system, illnesses and other diseases easily develops.

The Immune system composed of white blood cells, antibodies, organs, and lymph nodes that is capable of defending our body against viruses, bacteria and other germs. It destroys the microbes quickly when it enters the body.

Below are tips in achieving a healthier body:

  • Eat a balanced diet to maintain and improve your overall health. A balanced diet contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and minerals which can derived from fruits, vegetables, grains, pork, poultry, fish etc.
  • Reduce salt, sugar, and fats in your diet, avoid soda, junk foods and other unhealthy foods. This attributes to diseases like hypertension, heart diseases, kidney problems, diabetes etc.
  • Do not over eat during mealtime, it can lead to weight gaining and obesity. It’s best to eat small, frequent meals. It will help your body to work smoothly.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Water helps your body for a better digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. It enables your body to rehydrate and eliminate toxins during urination.
  • Be physically active, exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. It enhances physical fitness and improves your health and wellness.
  • Drink milk for stronger bones. It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin B, potassium and vitamin D. It is an excellent source of protein. It prevents osteoporosis and bone fractures. Furthermore, it helps to maintain good body posture.
  • Have enough rest and sleep during nighttime. Avoid going to bed late. It is important because lack of sleep often leads to irritability, unable to focus and do the daily activities well.
  • Maintain good hygiene. Take a bath regularly, brush your teeth every after meal. To eliminate bacteria, viruses and other germ causing diseases that can harm your health.
  • Have a good disposition in life, it enables you to easily find happiness and be able to have a positive outlook in life. It improves your overall personality and helps you go along well to other people.
  • We also need to improve our spiritual well-being, to organize our values, purpose in life and keep our mind at peace.
  • Do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages, it can harm your liver, stomach, and other body organs. It brings many diseases like certain types of cancer, hypertension, heart diseases etc.
  • Avoid too much screen time. It can lead to strained dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. It also reduces attention span that can lead to behavior problems and the poor posture when using screens can cause neck, shoulder, and back pain.

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