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The staple food and the skeletal force of agriculture

First, the reason I wrote this post, is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all those hands who are there helping us to feed our stomach daily, they are the FARMERS. A simple thanked you or any word of gratitude will lighten up the difficulties and struggles that they are experiencing today about farming. Generally, farmers are the skeletal […]

Sweet corn honey glazed refreshment

This dessert is very refreshing with the cool bites of corn bits and the natural sweetness of honey. Like rice, corn can also be considered as one of the staple food. The dried corn kernels can be milled to make it fine and can cook like rice. This recipe is easy to prepare, you only need three ingredients (corn kernels, […]

Chicken and tomato slices recipe

This delicious recipe contains tomatoes and chicken meat slices that would bring some goodness to your plate! These two ingredients are an undeniably nutritious food that could benefit your body. The savory taste of this recipe is a good choice to pair with plain rice or fried rice during mealtime. Tomatoes are available in various kinds of recipe options like […]

Eggless choco banana quick bread

Some of us who loved to bake maybe considering it already as a routine to prepare something for the day, but sometimes we experienced or will experience running out of some ingredients in the pantry and what if you run out of eggs? Eggs are essential component of a baked bread, cookies, quick bread etc. because it adds texture, flavor […]

How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship?

Are you in loved? Brokenhearted? Searching for someone? Smiling or crying because of somebody? Well, just think of this, “Love should never hurt you”. You already found that true love when you are in a satisfying relationship, meaning you are happy and contented having each other. There was a belief that someone is already out there, destined for us. Do […]

A meaty-eggplant patties recipe

This meaty-eggplant recipe offers a unique taste, the combination of minced meat and bit slices of eggplant dipped with this creamy sauce is a perfect match to your warm rice. Although eggplants has a bitter-like raw taste, when cooked it will offer a delicious treat to your taste buds. Some recipes that you can do with eggplants are frying, stewing, […]

Give time for yourself, self-care and self-love isn’t selfish

Nowadays, there are many people who are suffering from stress, depression and mental disorders. Mainly because of the fast-paced environment, emotional regrets, life disappointments, hatred, jealousy, anger, comparison and so much more. These are some reasons why we easily feel the emptiness and brokenness within. One way of preventing this is to have time for yourself, setting a few minutes […]

String beans with chicken meat

There are numerous recipes and cooking methods that you can use to cook this long, green, crunchy, watery and savory vegetable, called “string beans”. It can be sautéed, stir-fried, can be added to a broth or other meat recipes. This nutritious recipe is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good to our health and […]

The importance of plants in our lives

This post will tackle about the beneficial effects of plants in a human being. Are you one of those who have a green thumb? A green thumb means that you have the ability or talent in growing different plants. Plants are responsible for giving us food, helping us to build shelter, serving as ingredients in making herbal medicines, and the […]