Help your child to learn more by this easy tips

Have you been asked a lot of questions by your child? Is he or she seems very curious about almost everything? Well it’s a good sign that your child is very eager to learn more things, and it’s also a good sign that he/she can achieve something in the future.

So, here are the ways on how you can help your child to learn more:

  • Listen to them- active listening by us “parents”, are very important in order to boost our child’s self-confidence, when they know that we are listening they are more willing to share a lot of ideas that comes into their mind. Sometimes because we are too busy we ignore and tell them to just continue what they are doing and ask their questions later which is not good. Just give them a little moment to ask, give them a brief answer and tell them to wait for a while to continue your conversation because you’ll just need to finish something. We have to listen to them and give time for their curiosities in order for them to know that we are supportive of their interests.
  • Encourage them to read- nowadays, there are a lot of online videos for learning that are readily available on the internet, but it’s more important and beneficial on the part of your kids to indulge in active reading, because you will be able to explore to them more. We have to be aware that too much screen time can cause eye problems and other related diseases. So we should limit them in using those gadgets.
  • Be your child’s teacher at home- we usually here some sayings about “parents (mother and father) are the first teachers of a child” it’s because they first learned to us a lot of simple things (like talking, reading, singing, dancing, social bonding and interaction) before they go to proper school. So we have to consider giving the best way we can when teaching them. Parents with small kids can do visual cards (identity what’s in the picture), music (sing a song then let them fill on the missing lyrics), memory games (read a simple story to them, then ask them to repeat the story etc.).
  • Praise each effort of your child- small or big achievements of your child should be praise for them to build their self-esteem and will encourage them to improve more. Be excited in actions and in words but always be honest on your comments or suggestions, because they will know and feel whether it’s genuine or not.
  • Support what they loved- we have to support them on what they want to explore (but off course, only if it is right and will lead them to a good direction). It will give them a lot of rooms to grow, to do better, to develop more etc. It will lead them to be successful in the future.

Children have their unique ways of learning, as parents we are here to guide, support and teach them on matters that can help them achieve their goals or ambitions in life.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day ahead! God bless 💞


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