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How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship?

How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship?

Fulfilling and healthy relationship.

Are you in loved? Brokenhearted? Searching for someone? Smiling or crying because of somebody? Well, just think of this, “Love should never hurt you”. You already found that true love when you are in a satisfying relationship, meaning you are happy and contented having each other.

There was a belief that someone is already out there, destined for us. Do you believe in what they called destiny? For some, they believed that we are the one making and finding it. Do you agree? Whatever it is, you will know and feel it when it’s already what they say “the one”.

How to achieve a fulfilling and healthy relationship? Consider these “COUPLE GOALS” tips.

  • Complete trust- it is a very essential component of a healthy relationship. Without it, you cannot build one. Trust means you commit to the person by words and deeds. You believed in him/her, and it is comfortable and safe for you to be with that person.
  • One and only- means you must be faithful, commit yourself to your partner. Cheating by words, thoughts, and actions aren’t in your preference. You choose to focus on your relationship.
  • Understanding your partner’s emotions- having a substantial amount of respect on his/her feelings is necessary. Respect and listen to what he/she is saying before talking, consider the opinion of each other.
  • Pray together- you are meant to be soulmates. In order for these two souls to bind forever, it should be nourished with God’s guidance and protection.
  • Love unconditionally- as the word says, it is a love without condition. It is a love without limits and restrictions. You love the person for whom he/she is, and not for what he/she has.
  • Eliminate jealousy- because it may kill your relationship and always watch your words, choose to talk and fix everything if a problem or a misunderstanding occurs.
  • Gift from God- a precious gift that should be taken care of, a lifetime gift that you are excited to open every day.
  • Offer open arms- when things are tough, give him/her a hug, this ensures that he/she is not alone whatever challenges you have in life.
  • A love with a genuine honesty — telling the truth and leaving no lies or hidden agendas under your head. Be open to what you feel.
  • Look out, never be out of their mind. Communicate with him/her always. Never leave a gap between the two of you (but of course you may want to eliminate obsessing your partner, just the right amount for it to work). Specially, if you are far from each other. Talk without limits, talk about what you are eating or will eat for lunch or dinner. If you already have kids- you can talk about them, about shared moments when you’re together, about your dreams etc.
  • Show your feelings- never hide what you feel, express your emotions. When you are happy, show him! Smile and laugh together! When you are sad, angry and disappointed let him/her know, just talk calmly and offer a solution or help to your partner.

It’s a matter of love and understanding, give more and receive more, a healthy and fulfilling relationship is like a treasure in a box of golds and diamonds that you want to keep for a lifetime. When you already have it, appreciate and take good care of it.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have something to share regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

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