The reasons why you should produce that beautiful smile everyday

We live in a stressful environment, there are a lot of personal, environmental and socio-economical challenges that we have to face. How do you handle all of these? Sometimes how we fight with our daily battles are related on how we percieve and handle every situation. Just handle it light, everything will be fine. Are you a cheerful type of person? Or a serious one? If you are that type of person who is very cheerful just continue it because there are a lot of health benefits it can give to you. If you’re a serious type of person you may want to start producing more smiles now in order to gain the benefits.

One way to make our day feel good is to smile. According to studies when we smile our brain releases types of neurotransmitters (like endorphins, natural pain killers, serotonin) that are beneficial in making us healthy. What can a smile give to our body?

  • Reduces stress and pain
  • It decreases heart rate and blood pressure levels.
  • It increases your immunity, if you are happy it is easier to combat with all those illnesses related conditions.
  • It makes you more attractive, beautiful and handsome.
  • It enhances your emotional well being.
  • It leaves a good impression to other people that you are a good person.
  • You look inspired and positive
  • You are often described as friendly and sociable.
  • Makes other to trust you easily
  • Shows that you are willing to interact and communicate.
  • It improves your mood and you are less likely to develop depression.
  • May slow aging, it makes you look younger.

Whatever benefits it will give you just treat yourself with that beautiful smile, it is free and it is one of the natural way of helping your body. So everyday stretch that muscles on your face, you will look more inspiring and great if you have that.

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