The staple food and the skeletal force of agriculture

First and foremost the reason why I wrote this post, is to recognize and appreciate the efforts of all those hands who are there helping us to feed our stomach daily, they are the FARMERS. A simple thank you or any word of gratitude will lighten up the difficulties and struggles that they are experiencing today with regard to farming.

Generally farmers are the skeletal force of agriculture. They are very important in our society because they are the ones who produced and will produce all those vegetables, fruits and grains which we all need in order to survive, to nourish our body and not just the food itself, they also provide us raw materials which are needed to make a lot of products that are essential to us human beings. Rice are staple food to a large human population in the world and specially in Asian countries. It is an important grain with regard to human nutrition, food intake and for life’s sustainability.

Farmers are said to be the backbone of a country’s economy and the stewards of the land because they help to protect and use it for good. They contribute a lot in this sector. They work hard even under the heat of the sun just to bring those foods that we enjoy eating every day. So do we really need to help them in return? YES! But how? Here are some simple ways on how we can help our FARMERS:

  • Find locally produced products in your area and choose to buy these products.
  • Avoid cheap price negotiations please, if you know it’s worth the price, and you like it, just buy!
  • Respect them, all human beings need this, respect them just like respecting any higher positions, jobs or professions out there.
  • Make them realize their worth, help them recognize that it is a fulfilling job, because they’re able to help all of us through their farming.
  • Enhance their capability, if you are knowledgeable or have something to share for their improvement, help them and choose to share it free or without any costs.
  • Realize and feel it by heart what they really need, they need positive feedbacks and creative ideas to support their work.
  • Stop stressing our farmers! They are already stressed with regard to their personal lives. Do not utter words which could hurt them emotionally.

Additionally, locally grown foods are very beneficial to the nature and environment, because great farmers ensure to use only the chemicals and fertilizers into minimum, they really take good care of their grown products naturally. I believed that their voices should be heard because they put a lot of sweats, efforts and long time of work hours in this noble job. They need support with regard to right pricing, respect, innovation and technologies. They all need these in order to sustain and continue their local businesses!

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