Importance of drinking enough water everyday

Do you love to drink plain water? How many glasses of water can you drink in a day? If you are not an avid water drinker, you better shift now in drinking plain water. Because there are a lot of health benefits water can give to our body and also there are a lot ofContinue reading “Importance of drinking enough water everyday”

Cocoa glutinous rice cake

Are you a fan of chocolates? Or rice cakes? Why not try this cocoa glutinous rice cake, it’s a combination of the two. It may sound weird or a little different to you but the taste is very good. This carbohydrate- rich delicacy will encourage you to make another one when you taste it. IContinue reading “Cocoa glutinous rice cake”

Indulge with this carrot-fruit cake recipe

What will be the taste of a combined vegetable and fruit quickbread? All the goodness of a healthy snack is already within this quickbread. Imagine eating a fruit salad while biting it in a bread. It has a unique taste, delicious and refreshing. The combination of carrot and mixed fruits are a good choice inContinue reading “Indulge with this carrot-fruit cake recipe”

You want to achieve your dreams or goals? Try this healthy mindsetting tips

We all have a unique personality and character. The way we think, react, do things and the way we solve our problems in life are far different from another person. That’s why we should never compare ourselves to other people. The result of the things we do in life (positive or negative) is related onContinue reading “You want to achieve your dreams or goals? Try this healthy mindsetting tips”

Enjoy this squash loaf bread with your favorite drink

Do you loved including veggies in your diet? Or mix it with your recipes? Nowadays, health concious people are increasing, it’s because there are a lot of diseases out there that can make your body suffer, indulging too much in unhealthy foods are one of the reason for a weak immune system. So try toContinue reading “Enjoy this squash loaf bread with your favorite drink”

Mini flower-like cheese bread rolls

Do you love breads? Do you love baking? Personally I really love bread and baking it on my own, because it’s a creative skill that can improve you in many ways, it gives you a spend alone-time, a moment of peace, it enhances your skills, it’s a stress reliever and it helps you develop artistically.Continue reading “Mini flower-like cheese bread rolls”

Easy to cook sauteed cabbage recipe and the benefits we can get

Vegetables are a great source of many vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body. What is your favorite vegetable? Do you enjoy it without meat? One of my favorite vegetable is cabbage because it’s very flavorful and crunchy. There are a lot of ways in cooking this, they are great ingredient to stews,Continue reading “Easy to cook sauteed cabbage recipe and the benefits we can get”

Help your child to learn more by this easy tips

Have you been asked a lot of questions by your child? Is he or she seems very curious about almost everything? Well it’s a good sign that you’re child is very eager to learn more things and it’s also a good sign that he/she can achieve something in the future. So, here are the waysContinue reading “Help your child to learn more by this easy tips”

Helpful tips on how to look younger than your actual age

Have you seen someone who looks young for their age? Or did somebody complimented you for looking young? Or none of the two? Aging is inevitable, as our age increase, our hormones that keeps our skin elastic also slows or decline. Added by some environmental factors and practices that we do everyday. Sometimes we areContinue reading “Helpful tips on how to look younger than your actual age”