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Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling

Advantages and disadvantages of home schooling

Home schooling

Homeschooling is a method of teaching your child or children at home regarding their school subjects. The teacher is basically one of the guardian (mother, father), anyone at home who can teach or a private tutor. It needs one to be motivated to teach in order for it to be effective. It includes modular form, online and blended form of learning. There are already some parents who choose to homeschool their children, maybe because they are more comfortable with this kind of education.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of learning:


  • It can offer an educational freedom, and it is flexible. The student and the educator can choose the time that is more comfortable to study.
  • Parents can be able to focus on the things they want to add to their child’s education aside from the lessons on the book or module.
  • Beneficial for the learner because he or she is the center of attention and he or she can absorb numerous learnings (depending on how you teach, and depending on the learning attitude of the child).
  • Practical because parents can save for transportation, uniforms, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Parents can be comfortable of their child’s emotional security.
  • There is an assurance of safety.


  • One guardian needs to sacrifice a job or career to focus on the child’s education, thus sacrificing an increase in family income.
  • The social life of the child has minimal exploration. Yes, he or she can play outside with friends, but the learning inside the school and at home is different. The child needs to socialize with children of his or her same age.
  • The child couldn’t be able to explore school facilities (like library, computer or science laboratories, school playground etc.) which are needed to enhance his or her knowledge.
  • The child will have a limited experience of the real world, we need to explore them to a real teacher, schoolmates, and playmates at a regular time, to prepare them for the challenges outside the home.

Whatever your reasons or whatever you choose as a form of educating your child, it will always be respected. Just consider choosing what suits your preference, budget, and you must also consider your child’s thoughts or decisions about it. If he wants to be homeschooled or if he wants to go to a physical school, like private or public school because these factors also matter.

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