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If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road

If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road

It’s a beautiful day, as I walk going outside to buy some food to the nearby food store this morning. I saw a woman sitting in a chair near the gate. She looks so tired, sweaty, and looking down at her feet while stretching her arms. Perhaps she was so tired carrying her loads (the things she bought). She has two echo bags beside her, and she looks so deep. She might be thinking of what to cook or prepare for their meal. Furthermore, she might be thinking about her problems. Likewise, she might be thinking about life, or she might be thinking about other people whom she is serving or obliged to serve.

Life is like a road
Image source: Photo library (provided by Pexels)

All of these are just “might” because I don’t know what the woman is thinking at the moment, but if you look into her eyes, you will guess some. Every so often we can see it through the eyes what the heart wants to tell, and the body feels like. As I walk near her, I smiled and asked if she is fine. The woman answered me back, I’m fine, don’t worry, I just have to seat for a while, I think I need a moment to rest my feet, before walking again to reach our home, she said. This time we cannot ride any passenger vehicle to reach our home, it’s not allowed yet in our community because of the current situation regarding Covid-19 (I wrote this post during the pandemic). For me, it’s ok because I loved brisk walking anyway. Brisk walking is a good form of exercise that could benefit our body. It can contribute in achieving a healthy mind, it’s a good stress reliever, it’s a way for me to breathe some fresh air outside, and it also helps our body achieve a good blood circulation.

I told her, take time and take care Auntie, walk again when you already feel energized, she said thank you. Then I continued to walk, going to the food store. Going home, I reflected about the woman, I don’t know her personally, but she is one representation of a life’s journey, I think in life we really need to take time, we must not be rushing. Taking time means you don’t need to race, you don’t need to move fast, it’s ok to be slow, it’s ok to be late, you don’t need to rush. It’s ok to take the long road, and it’s ok not to be ok.

With all the pressures and challenges around us. We seem to compete, we seem to be proving ourselves to other people. You don’t need to prove yourself to other people, you don’t need to do things to be praise by anybody or anyone. If you are tired, then get some rest, get some moment to free yourself from worries and to energize your mind and body. You only have one body to maintain for a lifetime. When this body exhausted, you will experience a lot of health problems that might give you a flashback to how you treated it, so take care of it, appreciate and love that one body.

Thank you so much for reading! If you have any comment or something to share regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

6 thoughts on “If you are tired, get some rest, life is like a long road

    • Author gravatar

      I was having a breakdown just when I saw you liked my last blog post.

      This past months, I feel like I’ve lost hope, for something. Often what I really want is just to give up and leave. But then recently I read something about taking it slow, don’t rush, it’s okay to move at your own pace. So, I started to see the light again.

      But there are still times when despair hits again. Just like what happened minutes ago.

      And when I saw a like notification, something that I’ve never even wished for, the light came back to me again.

      So, i want to thank you for the like. It meant so much to me ❤️

      Also, thanks for reminding me through this post, to not forget to take a break. That it’s definitely okay to get some rest, to breath, before continuing our journey.

      • Author gravatar

        Hello there…thanks for dropping by in my comment section! Please don’t lose hope, everyone including those who are already successful in life started from where you are right now! The struggles and challenges are just a part of it. If you lose hope it means that you’re starting to give up, what if something great is waiting for you? “A flower will bloom when it’s her time to bloom and a fruit will come out when it’s time for it to come out”. What I mean is we need to wait but do the necessary steps while going or reaching there and you will see, a beautiful result will come your way… God bless and just keep faith whatever goals you want to achieve! Never give up and please cheer up!😊

    • Author gravatar

      Great advice. I just saw this as I have been down over a week. Not only physically but emotionally and mentally, I work with two people who tested positive for the virus and didn’t say anything and kept coming to work. I was hurt because I would stay late for them come in early help when they felt overwhelmed. Oddly enough I don’t miss the office and haven’t worried about the work load or emails. This is something we all must do because life will knock you down to the point you can’t even lift your head off the pillow.

      • Author gravatar

        Hello RosalynLynn, thank you so much for appreciating this post, but sad to hear about your experience, so how are you now?I hope that you’re ok…
        Life is just like that, there are so many challenges that we will experience as we go through it, but always remember to stand up firm and be able to learn to whatever experiences you’ve been through. You are very dedicated to your job and I want to appreciate you for that😊💞just keep going! God bless…

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