How to be a good teacher of your child at home

Here are some friendly reminders on how to be a good teacher or educator of your child at home, it is not that easy, but it’s not also too difficult, we just have to love and absorb this duty, we need to help our child to focus and learn in order for them to achieve whatever goals their heart and mind will desire.

Read this “LET US STUDY” tips.

  • Love what you are doing -teaching your child is one of your role at home, you as the home teacher will need to be flexible enough in order to teach effectively. Have a good mind setting about it, accept the role and be positive.
  • Educate your child by starting from where he/she is weak in order for him to learn more on the things which he or she is less capable.Time- set a time management for a routinely activities at home, including your time spend for teaching your child. We all know that at home there are a lot of chores that we need to finish. You really need to organize your schedule in order to avoid stress and running out of time that should be set for the child’s lesson.
  • Understand your role- as parent, we have to understand that we are part of our child’s journey in education. Utilize your knowledge and experiences and use it in helping your child to study.
  • Set a rule- you need to do this as your child’s teacher or educator at home, your child should realize that there is a time for everything. Time for study is not a time to play or do unnecessary things. It will also help him to focus on studying.
  • Set a good place- a good environment is conducive for learning, be sure to set a clean (meaning no scattered materials like toys and other things) and peaceful area (no form of noise that would serve as a destruction while you’re teaching your child a lesson).
  • Teach effectively- prior to teaching you need to read and understand what you will be going to discuss in order for it to be effective.
  • Utilize book materials- do not just make books as a display or something to scan at first then no more, it should be use well, go over the activities that the book or module have and facilitate your child in doing it.
  • Develop your child’s love for learning- provide an active form of teaching, ask questions and let your child answer it. Do not scold him or her if he or she makes a mistake, you should be patient to discuss the right answer and explain why that is the correct answer.
  • You should develop a knowledge seeking behavior- research helpful information which you can use in teaching your child.

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Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to drop your comments below! Would love to read all of those. Have a great day ahead! God bless 💞


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  1. Very informative
    stay wealthy healthy safe and happy

    1. momsjourney says:

      Hello! thank you so much for your great comment and wishes, Ms Kanika…I also want to wish you a good health, abundance in life and happiness also…God bless😊

  2. Helped me as a teacher as well. Well done

  3. momsjourney says:

    Hello! thanks for dropping by…
    yes, I think children’s education should be a helping collaboration between parents and teachers, in order for it to be successful and in order for the child to gain more knowledge easily😊

  4. Shilpa says:

    Wow.. very well written. Helpful! I am going to incorporate some of them while teaching my kid.

    1. momsjourney says:

      Hello…thank you so much for your great comment! Be happy, enjoy the moment while teaching your kid…this way he will learn and absorb a lot 😊

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