Just take it one day at a time

Are you the type of person that is always worrying about what will come or will happen tomorrow? don’t worry you are not alone! A time in my life, I experienced this and I know that a lot of people out there are dealing with the same situation too. Maybe some of you already heard about this phrase and is very common to our elders or to someone who is there to lift up our mood. I heard this phrase from my husband one time, when I keep worrying and asking about the what ifs for the days that aren’t yet to come. This happened when he needs to go far and live there for months for his noble job. I keep telling him that please just work near us, please tell them that you have a family and you cannot live a distance life with us. He said as much as I like the idea of not going far, I also need to fulfill my duties. Then I keep talking and telling him about the ifs, what if I can’t do this, what if I need some help? What if…and what if… He told me this phrase “Just take it one day at a time“. Then I realized that, yes we have to deal each day just one day at a time. The people around us also need to fulfill a different life duties. They also need to explore, to develop and they also have a personal life. I know that it’s really selfish to tell him not to go far. Thankfully I was able to absorb and think of this “one day at a time”, I was able to appreciate each day and be worthy of it. When you understand this thought you will be able to free yourself with a lot of what ifs. Here are some ways you can avoid those worries and live a happy life every day. You may want to consider this friendly notes. “ONE DAY AT A TIME“.

  • Offer yourself relaxation techniques- (such as deep breathing, meditation and yoga) to relax your mind, body and spirit.
  • Never allow yourself to indulge in too much worrying- it’s normal to feel it but it should easily disappear and you should be able to handle it. Worrying too much means you already affecting your mind, for example you cannot sleep or rest comfortably anymore.
  • Energized your body- feed your body with lots of fruits and vegetables. They are nutrient rich foods that would help your system to cheer up.
  • Deal with your problems responsibly, you have to accept it that no one will be going to do it other than yourself, find a solution and always be calm.
  • Aim for achievable goals- do not do things which are beyond your expectations. Just focus on the things you know you can achieve in order to avoid frustration.
  • Yes to a happy day ahead- keep this in mind as it will motivate you to keep going and be productive all day long.
  • Accept advices from the right people- some people are there to support you, appreciate and accept their positive intentions.
  • Time is important- time spent today will never come back again. So what you have to do is to use it wisely on the things that are most valuable.
  • Accept responsibility- we have a lot of daily responsibilities. What we need to do is to accept it and be optimistic in handling all of these.
  • The power of praising yourself- never end a day without praising yourself for a job well done.
  • Inculcate in your mind the virtue of patience- this is a challenge that we have to fulfill, some of us are always in a hurry to see results which makes us uncomfortable and brings a lot of worries in our head.
  • Maintain positive life- being positive and having a cheerful outlook in life is very important because it lightens our daily loads.
  • Enhance your capability and thinking- read more, search more and do your best!

4 thoughts on “Just take it one day at a time

    1. Hello there! yes that’s true…prayers really lifts our spirit against all odds… you’re welcome and thank you so much for dropping by at my comment section…πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž


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