Six steps for a better you

How do you feel about yourself right now? Are you satisfied or regretful? Think about this, we can never get back what is already done, we cannot be sure of what will happen in the future, but we can always make the moment, the most beautiful and fulfilling one. There will always be something which you can be proud of yourself, just learn to recognize it!

When we were young, we had a lot of dreams regarding the profession, job or the person that we wanted to be in the future, we want to travel, to explore life’s gifts, we want to do this and that! but sometimes what we dreamed of turns to be an opposite of what we are right now and sometimes because of this we tend to have a lot of frustrations and insecurities in life. We tend to compare ourselves to other people, but what you have to do now is to forgive yourself in order to free your mind and heart of any hard emotions you are carrying, don’t feel broke for the rest of your life, remember that as long as you are alive there would always be a chance to make it! There will always be a chance to do something which you will be proud of yourself. Bring yourself to life! and help yourself, help that person transform of who you wanted him or her to be.

Consider these six steps for a better you. YOU CAN make it happen!

  1. You need to verify your emotions what makes you feel regretful? What makes you hold on this emotions?
  2. Once you recognized it, ask this to yourself (why did I failed in this goal or journey?) it will be easier for you to do some sort of repair.
  3. Understand and consider it as a form of life’s lesson- learn from it and try to start over again, start from small and achievable goals, with this you will learn to appreciate small achievements.
  4. Consider to avoid self criticism- in order to uplift your morale, avoid being an enemy of yourself. Look into the mirror and tell that person, you are forgiven! forgive also those people who had something to caused your failures.
  5. Avoid to much guilt and have a positive self. Don’t lose your hope yet, you can still do more! Move on, do not hold it longer- it won’t do any good if you indulge too much attention to what was already done.
  6. Now that you already recognized what’s wrong, next time when you are on your way to another goal or ambition you already know what to avoid in the process.

Make it happen!

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