How to achieve a happily ever after in your married life

Are you happy or struggling in your married life status right now? Read this INFINITE love advices that can help you achieve a good marriage definition. A marriage is said to be as the union between a man and a woman, it’s the beginning of creating a family on their own, it’s a lifelong commitment, so be sure to commit yourself faithfully to your partner. It’s not just a physical or emotional attachment, it’s not just about the feelings, saying those heart melting words everyday coming from each others mouth but it’s also a matter of mental, social and spiritual attachment.

Consider these INFINITE love advices below:

  • It is important to give each other a bountiful of mutual love, respect and trust that is loaded with essential amount of compassionate heart and mind.
  • Note that you should choose to fall in love for the same person you’ve exchanged vows with. Remember how you felt when you’ve exchanged each others promises of love? The excitement, the happiness, the sounds of your pumping heart saying that “lub-dub”, and the feeling of butterflies on your stomach? These are good memories to remember.
  • Feed your relationship with a supplemental dose of admiration and pour a never ending love and care into your relationship. Be the best ever team mate or team buddy for your spouse that he or she will ever need.
  • Incorporate happiness, make a lot of memories of togetherness. Bonding is an essential part of any relationship, you get to know more about your partner and when you grow old you can share a lot of beautiful memories with your children.
  • Never be tired of forgiving each others mistakes, forgive them when they let you down. This is just a normal scenario, sometimes what seems a mistake for you doesn’t seems a mistake on your partner’s perception. What’s important is to inform him or her and be clear about it.
  • Inculcate in your mind to keep a promise of never giving up on each other, you may disagree on a lot of things but be sure to keep aggreing of never leaving and never giving up on your relationship.
  • There are no perfect marriage but there is a good marriage. Note that good marriage isn’t something you’ll just find a long way it is something beautifully made and created by two hearts and souls willing to build each other inspite of differences.
  • Eliminate your pride, step down to let them shine too, be a cheerleader he or she can lean on. Sometimes a couple were not equal in terms of personal matters, how they think, their financial status, in terms of professional identity and etc., but be reminded that when you entered a marriage you are unified and blessed as “one body and soul”.

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4 thoughts on “How to achieve a happily ever after in your married life

  1. This is a great reminder to those who are married, engaged, or have a desire to get married. I always tell people marriage is a full time job and it’s more important than the one that pays you. Both parties must make an effort to consistently grow together.

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    1. Hello RosalynLynn! yes that’s true, once you’ve entered marriage you have to fully decided by mind, heart and soul…it’s very important to build each other as you are spiritually blessed as one body and soul.
      Thank you very much for reading this post😊💞


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