Every pet deserves a family

Doggie J’s story

Do you have a pet at home? Do we need to treat them as one of our family members too? It’s the month of november last year, when we moved to our present home. It’s not that easy to move out because there are people you will left behind just like those good hearted and jolly neighbors and move in to a new place wherein there are new neighbors and environment again. It took us almost two weeks to clean and fix our things at home. My husband told me there is a dog left at the backyard, he was left by the owner, maybe because he cannot bring it with him for the reason we don’t know.

At first I don’t like the idea of having a dog, because I am afraid to lose a dog again. Back in my childhood, we had a dog and he lived for about years with us, but he died and it’s very painful for the family. Maybe that’s the reason why I wouldn’t like the dog in our house if possible. I also got a lot of questions regarding this, what if the owner will come back and take him from us? What if he get sick and die? It’s about few weeks that I never go near the dog, until one time I tried to feed him, he moves his tail and he looks as if he is smiling at me. As I look at the dog he has a resemblance to our dear dog during my childhood.

I came with a realization that this dog is a part of our family now, he was given to us in order for him to be taken care off. This charming and sweet dog who seems so happy each time we come near him, needs to be treated as a part of a family, not just as a pet or a guard outside the house. I believed that he is a blessing from above. I also accepted already the fact that all living things, human and animals will come to an end. What we have to do now is to appreciate, love and take care all those people or animals that is given by our creator, they all have something to impart in our life.

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