Why women have mood swings before their monthly period?

This post will tackle about pre menstrual syndrome which affects most women. Gentlemen, you should also read this for you to better understand what ladies are experiencing before menstruation, specially if you have a wife or a partner who is dealing with this in a monthly basis, because she needs your supportive care in managingContinue reading “Why women have mood swings before their monthly period?”

Energizing mung beans, pork and veggies

Eating this recipe with rice will give you a boost of energy. It contains a lot of beneficial nutrients that our body needs, it’s very delicious and very rich in fiber and antioxidants that you can get from the mung beans and water spinach, iron and beta carotene from the squash and protein that isContinue reading “Energizing mung beans, pork and veggies”

How to keep your love relationship in a good path?

Is this possible? Yes! and to make it possible both of you should be willing to work on it. This post will tackle how to keep your relationship with your better half (husband or wife) on the right path or direction. Of course you’ve already heard of this quote “just keep the fire burning”. ItContinue reading “How to keep your love relationship in a good path?”

Sauteed veggies with whisked eggs

Do you like the idea of more vegetables in your diet? Consuming good amount of vegetables each day is important to help your body achieve an overall health. They are not only nutritious and a cheaper way to get into a meal, but may also offer protection to a lot of possible diseases that mayContinue reading “Sauteed veggies with whisked eggs”

Fruity and creamy graham float

This recipe is creamy-rich chilled food that you can indulge as a dessert or snack. It’s made out of graham biscuit crackers filled with mixed fruits and cream mixture. If it happens that you don’t have graham crackers at your area you can use other biscuits that are a little bit sweet and easily softensContinue reading “Fruity and creamy graham float”

How to help your children to become successful in life?

As a parent what will be your feeling if you have children who are successful? Off course you will be happy and greatful isn’t it? Parenting is not an easy thing to do, but with all the love that you are willing to pour on it, will surely make it lighter. You cannot control theContinue reading “How to help your children to become successful in life?”

Reasons why gift giving is remarkably an awesome action to do

A month from now we will be celebrating the Christmas season! As this post was written at exactly November 25. Are you excited? Do you already have ideas on what gifts you will give for your loveones? Here are some worthy definitions of gift giving: Time, presence and love! Will always be a priceless giftContinue reading “Reasons why gift giving is remarkably an awesome action to do”

Caramelized fried sweet potatoes

Do you love to eat sweet snacks? This sweet potatoes coated with caramelized brown sugar is very easy to prepare and cook, you only have 3 ingredients needed (sweet potatoes, brown sugar and vegetable oil). It’s a very sweet recipe, so if you have high sugar levels you can skip the addition of brown sugarContinue reading “Caramelized fried sweet potatoes”

Warm boosting quail eggs with chicken meat and veggies

What recipe is appropriate for rainy and cool season? It should be something warm or hot, something calming and soothing to our throats and stomachs, and they are “broth, soup or boiled recipes”. Try this warm boosting quail eggs with chicken meat and veggies. This recipe includes quail eggs, chicken meat, green papaya slices, pechayContinue reading “Warm boosting quail eggs with chicken meat and veggies”

Chilled purple sweet potatoes with coconut milk

Do you love eating root crops as a snack or dessert? Try this very simple and easy to prepare recipe, it used purple sweet potatoes, they are root vegetables that offers a lot of health benefits in our body. They are good sources of vitamin C, B6, D and iron. They are also a goodContinue reading “Chilled purple sweet potatoes with coconut milk”

Important tips to consider in promoting a healthy sleeping pattern

Are you struggling to get some good sleep or experiencing too hard falling asleep during the night? This post will tackle about why it’s important to give at least few hours of a no gadget or television before bedtime and some helpful tips on how to promote a better sleeping pattern during the night. AccordingContinue reading “Important tips to consider in promoting a healthy sleeping pattern”

Milkfish in coconut milk

Do you love eating fish but already tired of cooking the same recipe each time? Please don’t hesitate to try this milkfish in coconut milk, you can also use this recipe in other fish products like tuna, tilapia, salmon or any meaty fish you prefer. The combination of the coconut milk makes it so creamyContinue reading “Milkfish in coconut milk”