How to increase your child’s potential?

Does your child have a lot of things that interest him at the moment? This post will talk about how you can help your child to increase his or her potentials or abilities. My seven y/o child is very interested about the planets lately, he loves to watch, draw and create artistic figures out of it (the photo above was his artwork). As parents, my husband and I were so amazed and happy with his work, it may be very simple to look at but really touched our hearts, specially he was so happy at that moment when he was presenting it to us. I loved seeing them because he spent time and effort in making it. Surely your kids also have a lot of interesting hobbies? But how can we help them to develop their full potentials? You may consider this “BRAIN” tips below:

  • Be sure to provide or give them foods that are nutrient-rich followed by good personal hygiene, this will help their mind to think and will help their gross and fine motor skills to work properly.
  • React with their questions, they have a lot of questions from simplest to complex one, and sometimes you can hear repeated questions once in a while, do not feel disturb by these questions, just give them an answer which they can comprehend and understand easily.
  • Assure them your support and guidance, our support as parents are really important for their growth and development because it brings a great impact in building their self-confidence or self-esteem.
  • Inculcate into their mind the importance of hardworking, patience, independence and the ability to finish what they have started.
  • Note that we need to expose them to different learning experiences and learning opportunities. You can also use your daily life experiences in teaching them.

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