How to see the real beauty of life?

What did you saw at first glance? Is it the blue sky and the green leaves of the tree? Did you saw the captivating beauty that lies on this huge tree? Everyday we are too busy that we can’t even have time to appreciate what is there. We forget to appreciate the importance of people, nature and animals in our surroundings.

We cannot see the beauty of something if we don’t open our eyes wide enough to see it, we can never appreciate the beauty around us if our hearts keep desiring to something new and if our minds are preoccupied on the things which always taking us away to what matters most“.

zoomed photo

When you zoom the photo you will see at the top are the beautiful flowers lying above this tall and huge tree. They aren’t captivating enough because they are too far and needs an effort to look above. This tall and huge tree is serving it’s purpose daily as it gives shade against the hot rays of the sun, the large roots help to sip ground water during heavy rains, it is also very beneficial as it is being used as wood material to make furniture and to build houses.

There is a message from this photo that we must find the BEAUTY in everything in order to appreciate what life is giving us. Sometimes we keep asking for a blessing but unknowingly we are already blessed.

  • Be mindful of the present situation and appreciate how far you’ve become.
  • Everything has something to offer we just need to recognize it.
  • Always be appreciative of what you have.
  • Understand that being a human there will always be a lot of challenges but do not forget to just focus on it because life has a lot of good things.
  • Time to stop for a while and celebrate what you have. You already have much of what you really need.
  • You have to care and focus on what really matter. Yourself, the people around you, the nature, the animals and the things we use in life has it’s unique BEAUTY that needs to be cherish.

8 thoughts on “How to see the real beauty of life?

    1. Hello RosalynLynn, yes and we just need to teach ourselves to be appreciative in order to avoid being too preoccupied in wanting more out of life…thank you for reading this post… God bless πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž

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    1. Hello Ms Idau Hahine, yes, that’s very true… hopefully my post and your poem could help to open a lot of eyes, mind and heart to appreciate everything. Thank you for loving this post…
      God blessπŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I already read your poem, it’s a great poem and really heart melting! πŸ’žI also posted a comment in your box😊…

        This line from your poem was really true!
        “God blessed mankind
        With eyes to see and hearts to love
        Ears to hear and noses to smell
        Hands to reach out and touch others”

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