How to carry your loads light enough to go through?

Do not think of your life’s problems as if you are already at the end of the world. There will be a greater reward after confidently facing it all. We have to deal with problems, we should not avoid or ignore it because it’s a part of life’s process. Who doesn’t have problems, or who didn’t face any problem anyway? I think we all experienced it, and will experience one as we go along with life, how we handle and deal with it is different from one person to another. We have a unique personality, and we have our own way of solving and facing our battles.

What is the message of the photo above? It wants to tell that carry your burdens light, just light enough as if it’s not heavy at all. The small plant below the big tree looks miserable, and it seems that it’s so hard for it to grow because of the big hindrance and heavy burden that lies on top of it, but it keeps living, it keeps giving life to its wholeness, it keeps trying to get on the other way out to grow its branches and leaves. In real life just like that small plant, we have to fight and make a way to solve all our problems in life, there will always be a solution for every problem, we just have to think and find it.

What are some of our life’s challenges?

  • Disappointments
  • Problems in our relationship with other people
  • Health problems
  • Financial problems
  • Dissatisfaction about life
  • Problems related to job
  • Diseases
  • Daily life stresses
  • Rejection
  • Insecurities

Be reminded that it’s a part of life, deal with it because it will strengthen your life’s purpose here on Earth and will give you a higher understanding of what is the real meaning of life. Do not be afraid, be courageous enough. You can deal with it! I can deal with it! We all can deal with it! How to make it?

  • Pray and nourish your spiritual health
  • Love yourself
  • Be passionate about life
  • Choose your actions
  • Be calm, one step at a time, let go of emotional burdens
  • Stop stressing yourself, do not think of your loses in life, think of what you will gain instead.
  • Always be positive about life
  • Trust your capabilities



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