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What are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?

During a storm, there are many lives, trees, animals, houses, and material possessions that are being damaged. That’s why preparation and alertness are important in times like this.

But, what are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?

Reminders before a storm.
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  • Food products (easy to open and ready to eat foods like canned goods, cup noodles, biscuit, precooked rice and dish, safe drinking water, hot water dispenser or thermos with hot water).
  • Health kit or first aid kit that includes over the counter medications to relieve unexpected sicknesses like fever, headache or vertigo, stomach problems like diarrhea or constipation, and maintenance medications if ever a family member is currently taking it. You also need vitamins to boost your immunity and to be able to fight this stressful event. Also include in your health kit personal hygiene essentials like tooth brush, toothpaste, wipes, soap, alcohol etc.
  • Prepare a family bag kit that includes clothing, towels and blankets for family members.
  • Alertness and prayers! We need to be vigilant enough, listen to the authorities and news regarding the storm updates. We also need to keep calm and pray!
  • Teach family members, specially the young ones, on the proper actions if ever there is an emergency.
  • During a storm expect to experience disconnected electricity power, so make sure to charge your cellphones or anything you can use as a mode of communication, if possible have a battery operated radio to stay updated regarding the storm news.
  • You may also want to secure your important documents in a plastic envelope and other valuables like money, jewelries and other gadgets.
Life’s challenges may look so difficult! But you can do it!

Before a storm, you can also notice that the nature looks sad, the clouds and trees warns us of a heavy and stressful storm.

The calming sky and the peaceful surrounding, telling you that a better tomorrow is yet to come! Embrace it…

“After the storm the sky wants to say that stand up! Be strong, all of your life’s challenges will always have a solution, just find it. Do not be rushing for the blessings to shower upon you because you will get there soon”.

There will always be a new hope and a new beginning!

In life, there will be countless storms, but always remember that there will always be a new beginning! The sun will shine brighter than what you expected.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any experience or something to share regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

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