Helpful tips to consider in recognizing your passion

Did you already found the thing which passionates you? Avoid being stock with the things that won’t let you grow as a person because you are not happy doing it. Every person is unique some may found or recognized it earlier than others. Some people thought it was already their passion but after a while they came to realized that it wasn’t really what makes them happy or fulfilled and some people had already spent several years before finding or recognizing it.

In a definition a passion is a feeling of wanting to do an action. It’s an eagerness to do an idea and being enthusiastic about something. So how would you recognize it to avoid being stock with the things that aren’t fulfilling on your part? Consider these 10 helpful tips:

  • You feel better when you’re doing it- you are being energized and recharged as if it doesn’t bring tiredness or boredom on your part.
  • There is an excitement- you are always eager to start or to continue your work, activity or craft.
  • You love to improve your skills and building your strengths- you are always devoted to find ways to become better with what you are doing. You aren’t afraid of failures because you’re turning it as a reason to strengthen your capabilities even more.
  • You are not struggling or experiencing difficulties in doing it- you make things at ease and you are comfortable with what you are doing, your mind is connecting to the other parts of your body to bring a good result and you feel joyous while doing the task.
  • You feel like you are great and you can do anything possible- you feel like a hero or heroine, you feel like you are bringing a great impact to other people, you believed that your works can inspire and will offer a great help for them.
  • You feel a connection to your inner child- when you were a child, isn’t it you were very happy whenever you accomplished something? When you are passionate with what you are doing, you’ll come to realized that the feeling of happiness even with small accomplishments seems very big.
  • You feel like you’ve found a lost piece of yourself- a puzzle will not be complete and will never present its picture well if one piece is missing. Just like us human being, you’ll not be able to feel whole, satisfied and complete if you aren’t doing the things which passionates you.
  • You love what you are doing even without any reward or payment- for you, with or without payment, the works, tasks, or actions that you show were at the same level because you love what you are doing without expecting anything in return.
  • Gives a deeper reward “to be worthy”- the emotions you felt inside are more important than the material things which it may costs. You feel worthy to make things possible for yourself and to other people.
  • You feel motivated and inspired- challenges won’t make you feel down. You can control anything because you can go along well with your work, you are even more inspired to continue and improve.

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