World children’s day and tips on how to help each child grow as a happy adult

To all moms and dads out there! Give some words full of unconditional love and greetings to your child or children today as we celebrate the World Children’s Day! It’s an annual celebration, that is set every November 20, to promote awareness about their needs and rights, wherever part of the world they live at the moment. It has a goal of improving every child’s welfare to bring a safer world for them, it helps them reimagine a better world. It’s a special day dedicated for children or kids at all races.

As parents we have to ensure that we provide our children with the following important things that will help them grow as a happy, energetic and healthy child that will soon turn into an adult.

  • Health and food- they need to be nourish with essential nutrients that their body needs in order to grow healthy and strong and to avoid sickness. If ever they get sick be sure to treat them with extra care, until they get well and bring them to a proper health care provider whenever necessary.
  • Education- they need to be thought and be educated in order for them to be knowledgeable about the things they will need as they go along with life. It is one of the most important wealth they will ever receive from you.
  • Have a happy family life- provide them the warmth of love and belongingness they deserve. Their social life starts at home, so we have to teach them of the correct ways on how to treat other people.
  • Let them play and experience recreational activities- every children loves to play and as a young child before for sure you’d also experienced some time in your life the interest to play and explore outside of your comfort zone. Let them play outside if they wanted too. It will improve their motor skills, social skills and will develop their brain more.
  • Protection from abuse and harm- they need to be protected from violence, hurtful words and any kind of maltreatment. Be sure to keep them safe at all times.

Being a responsible parent or parents to your children, you have to make sure that you also provide them other things they needed in life like clean clothings, happy environment, pieceful surroundings and etc. Regarding their attitude, if it’s unusual or bad you also have to correct them with the proper attitude as early as now so that they will grow with good outlook towards life, but be sure to allow them to express their emotions also, listen to what they are saying and come up with a better solution that both of you will agree.

Whatever kind of parent you are, let your child feel that he or she was the best gift you ever received in life. You know, watching them grow up to be a better person was one of the most fulfilling emotion of a parent.

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8 thoughts on “World children’s day and tips on how to help each child grow as a happy adult

  1. Great post, it is important for me as a mom to ask them their opinions about certain things. Touch of hugs and reiterating how much they are loved is important. Building confidence and validation in children is important as well. Thanks for this.

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