Reasons why gift giving is remarkably an awesome action to do

A month from now we will be celebrating the Christmas season! As this post was written at exactly November 25. Are you excited? Do you already have ideas on what gifts you will give for your loveones? Here are some worthy definitions of gift giving:

  • Time, presence and love! These are priceless gifts that we should give to our loveones.
  • Giving must come from a generous and compassionate heart, doing it without compassion is like giving just to get something in return.
  • Physical gifts also means to someone and the amount must not be measured depending of who they are.
  • Gift giving is an act of sharing your blessings to somebody, be it your husband, wife, mother, father, children, relatives, neighbors or even to other people or strangers whom you want to share something.
  • Be reminded that it shouldn’t be a chore or something you have to do because you are told too or encouraged by someone, it must come naturally on your heart, it shouldn’t be a forceful act.
  • It must come from your own interests and your willingness to make other people happy. When you give gifts, you are giving something that reminds them that sharing is an act of kindness and good will.
  • We often give gifts as a way of showing our love, thoughtfulness, affection and appreciation to somebody.
  • Giving gifts brings joy or pleasure to the receiver and must also give the same feelings to you as the giver.
  • It is a joyous action and it’s an important part of human interaction, it strengthens bonding moments with family and friends and gives an innate feeling of happiness to other people whom you choose to give.
  • It is often the giver, rather than the receiver who really reaps the biggest psychological gains from gift giving because it enhances your well being.
  • Of course you have to do it with no expectations in return. There are various kind of gifts that you could offer, it might be something you bought, something you made, or the gift of time or volunteering to benefit other people who are in need.
  • Though giving means differently to other people, positive thoughts and intentions should always be on top of it.

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2 thoughts on “Reasons why gift giving is remarkably an awesome action to do

  1. I love what you wrote and I am so looking forward to getting lost in some more of your blog posts and anything you post in the future. Christmas is definitely going to be interesting and I know damn well I got some really thoughtful gifts to think of to give to people I love. 😀

    I was actually curious if you would be interested in writing a post about adopting a family for the holidays. Another blogger put together a wonderful post and im hoping to spread as much love and healing light towards this family to help them have an amazing Thanksgiving. Check out her article
    And let me know if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Look forward to collaborating on this amazing venture and seeing what kind of positivity and light we can bring this family for the holidays

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