Cheesy stuffed bread with mung bean filling

This recipe is filled with cheese slices and mung bean filling, the combination of the two produced a unique and savory taste. This recipe is rich in carbohydrates, protein and calcium. By the way if you don’t have any prepared mung bean filling yet, please don’t hesitate to refer to this recipe post, here’s theContinue reading “Cheesy stuffed bread with mung bean filling”

Plain white loaf bread pudding

Do you have plain white bread slices at the table or in your refrigerator that are about to reach their expiration dates? Let this plain white loaf bread pudding give you a good solution! Try this nutritious snack or dessert that will surely give you a good option to consume that stocked loaf bread slices.Continue reading “Plain white loaf bread pudding”

World children’s day and tips on how to help each child grow as a happy adult

To all moms and dads out there! Give some words full of unconditional love and greetings to your child or children today as we celebrate the World Children’s Day! It’s an annual celebration, that is set every November 20, to promote awareness about their needs and rights, wherever part of the world they live atContinue reading “World children’s day and tips on how to help each child grow as a happy adult”

Helpful tips to consider in recognizing your passion

Did you already found your passion in life? A passion is something that makes you happy and helps you grow as a person because you love what you are doing. Every person is unique, some may found or recognized it earlier than others. Some people thought it was already their passion but after a whileContinue reading “Helpful tips to consider in recognizing your passion”

Ube cake cubes delight

This recipe is soft, sweet and creamilicious food that you can pair with your favorite drink during your snack time! It used readily made purple (ube) jam that you can buy at the grocery store, supermarket or at your local store, but if you prefer to make your own, please don’t hesitate to visit “EasyContinue reading “Ube cake cubes delight”

Creamy-rich salted eggs with tomatoes

What is a salted egg? It’s a kind of food product that was preserved by soaking the duck eggs in brine, (or in a highly concentrated solution of salt in water (boiled). Before doing it make sure to rinse the duck eggs well, gently put the eggs inside a jar, pour the brine (make sureContinue reading “Creamy-rich salted eggs with tomatoes”

Macaroni fruit salad

Need something for dessert? Try this very easy to make macaroni fruit salad. This recipe is rich in carbohydrate, fibers and calcium. It’s a simple dessert prepared by combining all the needed ingredients from the recipe. You can use fresh fruits, just slice them into small pieces or bite-sized, you can also choose to useContinue reading “Macaroni fruit salad”

Ideas on how to feel and spend the spirit of Christmas

What are your plans on the coming Christmas season? I’m writing this post a month before the Christmas, so it’s few days from now we will be celebrating again another Christmas season. This is a yearly or annual celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s a religious and traditional way of celebration by aContinue reading “Ideas on how to feel and spend the spirit of Christmas”

Easy to make ube jam recipe

If you love bread with some delicious treat inside it, let this ube jam be the one! You can use it as bread filling or eat this as a form of dessert. Purple yam is a kind of starchy root vegetable. There are several ways on how you can make a recipe out of it,Continue reading “Easy to make ube jam recipe”

What are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?

This past few days aren’t good because of the storm that hit our country. A lot of lives, trees, animals, houses and material possessions where damaged by this storm. That’s why preparation and alertness are very important in times like this, but what are the things and important reminders you need to know before aContinue reading “What are the things and important reminders you need to know before a storm?”

What are the health benefits of honey?

Honey is naturally sweet food that is commonly used as an ingredient in cooking or baking. They have attractive chemical properties and unique flavor that is chosen by most cook and bakers as an alternative to sugar or any sweeteners. Aside from this they are great in medicinal use especially if prepared with other herbalContinue reading “What are the health benefits of honey?”

Why you shouldn’t give honey to an infant?

Infants are young children who are under one year of age and defined as the first year of life and the period wherein most rapid growth is happening after their birth or delivery. Their immune system is weak and that’s why you have to be careful on the things, materials and foods that may comeContinue reading “Why you shouldn’t give honey to an infant?”