Simple yet delicious mung bean bread filling

If you love bread with filling and if you love mung bean seed vegetable, I’m sure you’ll gonna like this recipe! It has a sweet and creamy taste and is really compatible to any plain bread. You can use it as stuffing to dough that you are about to bake or as a filling toContinue reading “Simple yet delicious mung bean bread filling”

Chicken meat with pineapple tidbits

Do you love chicken meat recipes? Try this easy to make chicken meat with pineapple tidbits recipe. It has a blended sweet and sour taste. This is one of our family’s favorite dish because it’s a perfect match to whatever kind of rice at mealtime be it plain rice, brown rice or fried rice. PreparingContinue reading “Chicken meat with pineapple tidbits”

Pizza leftover square bites

What can you do with pizza leftover? Can you make another recipe out of it? Yes! Pizzas are enjoyable to eat during snack time and sometimes we are being overwhelmed to buy or prepare more and because of this we tend to have leftovers. Like any other bread products and cakes leftover you can alsoContinue reading “Pizza leftover square bites”

How to carry your loads light enough to go through?

How do you deal with life’s challenges or problems? Do not think of your life’s problems as if you are already at the end of the world. There will be a great reward after confidently facing it. We have to deal with problems, we should not avoid or ignore it because it’s a part ofContinue reading “How to carry your loads light enough to go through?”

Chicken meat spring rolls

Do you love to eat spring rolls? Then make this recipe out of chicken meat, potatoes and carrots today! Holiday season is fast approaching and I’m a little bit excited and happy because my beloved husband might spend the whole holiday with us. So to prepare with the holiday season I’m developing simple recipes whichContinue reading “Chicken meat spring rolls”

Energy boosting sweet potato snack

Do you love sweet snacks but feel a little bit anxious consuming them? Why don’t you eat a sweet but healthy food? This recipe offers both because it was made from sweet potatoes glazed with the calming taste of honey. Sweet potatoes are root vegetables that has a lot of health benefits on it andContinue reading “Energy boosting sweet potato snack”

Luscious pumpkin snack bars

It’s another recipe you can make with your favorite pumpkin! This recipe is a nutrient dense food that you can enjoy as a dessert or snack. A pumpkin is a kind of vegetable that is very flexible in terms of culinary uses. It can be use as an ingredient to baking and also in cookingContinue reading “Luscious pumpkin snack bars”

Milkfish in tamarind soup

Make something new from your milkfish recipe today! This recipe is very common in some parts of Asia. Milkfish are not just good as pan fried but they are also good in different kinds of recipes. We are starting to love the idea of more fish and veggies in our diet at home because theyContinue reading “Milkfish in tamarind soup”

How to see the real beauty of life?

What did you saw at first glance? Is it the blue sky and the green leaves of the tree? Did you saw the captivating beauty that lies on this huge tree? Everyday we are too busy that we can’t even have time to appreciate what is there. We forget to appreciate the importance of people,Continue reading “How to see the real beauty of life?”

Homemade thin pan spam pizza

Do you love pizzas? Why don’t you make one at home! This homemade pizza recipe is very easy to make. Pizzas are a great snack because they are like all in one already and it’s one of the on the go snack during merienda time by family or friends. They are topped with different ingredientsContinue reading “Homemade thin pan spam pizza”

How to increase your child’s potential?

Does your child has a lot of things that interest him at the moment? This post will talk about how you can help your child to increase his or her potentials or abilities. My seven years old child is very interested about the planets lately, he loves to watch, draw and create artistic figures outContinue reading “How to increase your child’s potential?”

Recipe that helps you to still enjoy bitter melon

Do you like to eat bitter melon or bitter gourd? Included in this post are the health benefits of it and why we should include this vegetable in our diet. It is also known as ampalaya. Most people find it hard to eat this vegetable because from the name itself it really has a bitterContinue reading “Recipe that helps you to still enjoy bitter melon”