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Why we should open our hearts and be generous to those in need?

How does it feel to be generous specially to those who really need it the most? This post will tackle about having a generous heart. What does generosity means? It’s a kind of personality that deals with the good aspect of life. It comes from pure intention, to give by not expecting anything in return. As a prerequisite we should be able to feel the love, happiness, compassion and kindness so that we can generously give our effort, time, money, stuffs or food to other people who are in need.

Christmas season is a month wherein we feel most of the love, appreciation, joy and generosity coming from our family, relatives, friends and other people. This season should serve also as a good reminder that it shouldn’t be just for this month alone but it should be all year round. We have 12 months in a year, why don’t we give it a try to make every month or everyday full of love and grace? This way we could lessen the burden of other people who are really in need, a lot of people out there are thinking of what to eat, what to drink and what to wear! Why don’t we share something if we are able or if we can? Why don’t we share a meal to a hungry stomach? Why don’t we give clothings to those who have nothing to use? Why can’t we share our precious time, why can’t we bring a smile to someone’s face? They don’t need expensive clothings, a super delicious food, lots of attention and time anyway. They need something that comes from our heart, it doesn’t matter how much or how simple it is, what we really offer them is “hope” to just go on in life.

It should be the theme of Christmas “To boost our generosity”, for sure God would be so happy seeing all of us helping hands together.

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5 thoughts on “Why we should open our hearts and be generous to those in need?

  1. Optimal Health

    I agree with you. Generosity is a true embodiment of humanity.

    1. momsjourney

      Yes! Thank you so much…😊💞

  2. RosalynLynn

    Absolutely 1000% right. Showing someone you care not only fills them with hope and motivation, but it fills your spirit as well. Well said.

    1. momsjourney

      Great day to you RosalynLynn! Thank you so much for the appreciation 😊💞

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