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How to choose the right gifts and what are the things you need to consider?

Christmas season is the best time for celebration because it also means there are fewer work duties and school holiday break is also implemented, so there will be lots of time to be with your family. It’s a time for relaxation, eating meals together, bonding moments, and gift giving. It’s already a part of our culture and tradition especially during Christmas to prepare something for our loved ones and to other people whom we like to offer a present, but choosing gifts can also bring about a little stressful moment because you need to think of what to give and whether the gift you want to give for a specific person will be appreciated.

Here are some helpful tips that could help you choose the right gift:

  • List who are the person whom you want to include in your gift giving. Maybe they are your family members, relatives, friends and other people.
  • What they do in life? Their hobby or work and what do they need? Gifts are very much appreciated if they can be able to use it for their work, activities or passion.
  • Do already have any experience in giving gift to this specific person? What have you observed about his or her reaction when he or she received or opened the gift coming from you? You can also use this questions to determine what gift is suitable to give to this person.
  • Consider the personality of that person. Is he or she a jolly or a serious type of person? What are their values and beliefs in life? These are good basis for you to determine what are the right gift that will suit your receiver.

Things you need to consider:

  • Your budget- of course you want to give something special for everyone on your list, but it doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive. A person wouldn’t appreciate an expensive thing which he or she can’t even use.
  • Go shopping for gifts with your list on hand, to avoid panic-buying and for you to be able to stick on the things you’ve decided to buy.
  • If you are a crafty person, try to make handmade gifts that are suitable for the person whom you want to give, it’s a practical and economical way of preparing a gift.
  • If you are good in baking and cooking you can make some of this recipes as a gift. Everyone loves to eat anyway but you should also consider their taste and food preference.

Something to note: “Gift giving isn’t something about you, it’s not because you want it for someone else but it’s all about the person who will receive the gift coming from you. Give because you know they need it and they can be able to use it. Don’t just give for the sake of the word giving”.

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