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How to manage negative people or haters?

How do you deal with haters? Are you the one who easily gets affected by the words or actions that other people are doing or telling about you? We are living in a world wherein we share our personal thoughts and opinions online! So it’s not just one, not two, but a lot of people can see what we share online. That’s why we should always be reminded of this phrase “think before you click”.

You cannot control what other people might think of you but you can always control your mind”. I love this words that was being said by the partner of a celebrity, who advised her on dealing about bashers, we all know that in the world of showbiz there are many people who will love or will idolize you but there will also a lot of people who will hate or bash you. Same as with people who are non-showbiz, there are also people out there who will not agree to the way you act, the way you talk, the way you share your opinion, the way you work etc. but always make sure to be in control about all of these because dealing with negative people or haters will cause depression, stress, inability to focus, withdrawal from social life, problems in performing daily tasks etc.

Those people who keep hatred in their hearts are putting themselves to suffering. If you keep hating other people tendencies are: you cannot sleep well, you cannot eat well, you are prone to hypertension, heart diseases and other illnesses, you look unwell etc. So whom do you think is much affected, the hater who keeps criticizing or the person who aren’t affected by all those criticisms?

Things that you can do to manage negative people or haters:

  • Examine yourself, be aware of your own actions, make sure you are not doing the wrong thing.
  • Turn those haters like a gasoline or fuel that will enhance your capability more and will help you drive to something better.
  • Negative people will criticize you because they have problems about fulfillment, so take it as a compliment. You are far better so stay blessed and be humble.
  • Just continue to be a good person, there will come a time that they will realize that it’s not worthy to keep hating other people.
  • Be grateful each day and always be kind and respectful even to your haters.

Something to note: “Control your mind and emotions, free yourself from negative people and just go on with your life”.

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