Some of our recipients during our Christmas-2020 gift giving

Gift giving along the road

We saw them on the road during the Christmas day, they were some of our recipients during our quick road trip gift giving activity, we didn’t get the chance to talk with them, and take more pics because we only have a few minutes to give the items to them. We distributed cotton T-shirts which they can use to feel comfy. Simple gifts but brought a heart melting smiles and hope to their faces.

Note: This post was not created to gain popularity but to inspire other people too, if you are able to give, please give there is no amount of money that can repay a heart that full of kindness and generosity, God will surely bless your beautiful hearts and souls!💞

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  1. Giving is the ultimate gift for someone in need! Thanks for reminding us what’s truly important!

    1. momsjourney says:

      You’re welcome! God bless

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