What are the dangers of forcing your children to achieve the best?

Are you that type of parent who loves seeing your children to achieve the best? Best score, the best attitude, best award, best in school etc.? We can’t hide the fact that as parents we want the best for our children because we think that it could make us good parents too, it’s very uncomfortable for us to see that they are being left behind. We often feel the pressure and questions such as why my child can’t do this? Why other children can? Why my child’s attitude is like this? But we have to take note that each child will develop at his or her own speed and time, that’s why pushing your children to make the things that he or she can’t do is not good and can even harm them. They will be able to do all of this when they are ready and capable.

The dangers of forcing your children to achieve the best:

  • Forcing your children to do things which they can’t do yet can bring bad effects on their emotional and mental health.
  • It will give them a feeling that they are not in control of their own actions and mentality.
  • It may ruin their ability to be independent.
  • Not only that, but it may also lower their self-esteem or self-confidence.
  • Furthermore, it may disturb their sleeping pattern.
  • It may affect their appetite
  • It may harm their overall health!

Something to note: Parenting is not a race, and we all have our unique ways of handling it, that’s why we should never compare ourselves to other parents.

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