A roadtrip to calming and refreshing Lipa City Batangas

Lipa City is found in the province of Batangas Philippines. There are a lot of food establishments, shopping stores, places to visit and hotels around the City where you can shop, eat, spend time with the whole family, enjoy and stay! If you are a jolly person, you can always find ways to explore Lipa! You can also find some food products to buy and bring with you when you go home.

Our family went here the first week of January, and it’s really very cool, cloudy and breezy, but you can still see the clean and green surroundings of this place, it’s an ideal place to stay if you want to relax with the calming environment of nature!

It’s more or less an hour drive from Manila depending on how you run your vehicle, no worries if you don’t have foods brought along with you as you can still buy some of this at food chains or food stores that you can find along the road. Gasoline stations are always around, so you can fuel your car, and I’m so glad this gasoline station have their comfort rooms where travelers can urinate and spend a few minutes to freshen up!

If you are a business-minded person or an investor it’s also a good place to buy a house and lot or lot only in Lipa where you can turn into residential, commercial areas, rest house or farm, depending on the location.

Lipa is well known for its delectable coffee grains which are turned into the popular kapeng barako! The aromatic smell, strong taste and warm sip of this coffee will truly ask you to have one more! You can drink it as black, or you can add some creamer on it.

This place also maintained the feels of living in the province, as you can still see farm animals like cows, carabao, Chickens, ducks etc. found in some barangays of Lipa.

You can also see lots of vegetable farms, corn fields, rice fields, root crops garden etc. Where you can buy freshly grown food ingredients for your meal recipes!

Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint Sebastian

You can also see churches around, because people here are mostly Roman Catholics and are very religious. That’s why this place is also considered as the religious center of the province. Convents, Seminaries and Religious ministries are also found in this city.

There are also shopping malls in the City proper where you can buy some personal stuffs, food and to spend a few hours of self pampering. Food stores, shopping boutiques, beauty salon etc. are always present inside the malls.

Hopefully you can also visit and explore this place soon! It’s a place where we would like to explore again with the whole family and surely will share some moments, experiences and something to do soon in this blog. Thank you so much for your precious time reading this post!💞

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    Great city!

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      Yes indeed!
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        Glad to know that you are Pinay!

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