Health benefits of quail eggs

Quail eggs are a smaller and cuter version which can be use as an alternative to chicken eggs, the dotted color of their shells looks appealing and impressive. They are packed with nutrients that are essential to our body. According to our health food source:

  • Quail eggs contain vitamin B12, selenium, riboflavin, choline and iron.
  • Selenium and riboflavin are important nutrients that help your body break down the food you eat and transform it into energy.
  • It can promote bone health, improves vision, may reduce the risk of anemia, and it can also improve energy levels.
  • Quail eggs are also rich in protein and may stimulate tissue repair and growth.

Recipes that you can try:

Warm boosting quail eggs with chicken meat and veggies, here’s a short link for this post
Meaty quail eggs bee hoon and veggies, here’s a short link for this post

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