A fulfilling visit to Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon Province PH

Kamay ni Hesus is a sacred place and a popular pilgrimage destination known for its miraculous healing masses. It was said that the area is about 5 hectares, and it was beautifully constructed on the year February 2002, located at Barangay Tinamnan, Lucban Quezon Province.

It’s a place that is open for everyone who wants to pray, give thanks, repent and feel the glory of nature. You can see in this place the Via Dolorosa grotto, Healing church, Noah’s ark, Sea of Galilee, Holy family park, pastoral center etc.

You have to climb the stairs going up in order to reach the shrine of Jesus located at the top. With patience and love for God for sure your time and effort in climbing the stairs will pay enough, because when you reach the top there is a feeling of boosted spirituality. The beautiful view of nature that you will be able to see from above can bring peace, love and hope to your heart.

Noah’s ark

Biblically Noah build the ark at God’s command to save himself, his family and animals from a worldwide deluge. It’s an amazing work of hands because they were able to represent it with art of love.

You can see a lot of saints’ statues in the area.

Please note: As Roman Catholics, we believed in them, they bring guidance with regard to our spiritual devotion. If you are non-Catholics, please respect ours as we respect yours. We have different beliefs but the important is we have God in our heart.

You can offer your prayers inside the church.

At the time of writing this article we are still in the pandemic, that’s why preventive measures are really observed and being implemented in the church and to the whole area. It’s indeed a calming place where you can enrich your soul.

Roaming around beautiful places and to a new environment can help your mind and body.

Learn about the health benefits of traveling in this seperate post, here’s the short link https://wp.me/pbB9Zx-Yc.

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“Take your journey with a graceful heart. Let your mind learn, let your heart love and let your spirit care”.

Thank you so much for reading and visiting this post! God bless 💞

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