Child’s request to visit Kamay ni Hesus at Lucban Quezon PH

This visit was being requested by our eldest child, he saw this address in his PH map, and he asked if we can go and visit the place. We visited this place already years ago, but he can’t remember it anymore because he was only 1 year old that time. I told his request to hubby, and he agreed to go there. It’s a long drive from Manila, but he is a father who will grant a child’s wish if he can give it. My hubby also love to visit other places and to see nature, it’s an activity that we love to do with the whole family.

Ok, so going there you can see a lot of green trees and mountains along the hi-way.

You can see a lot of rice fields in this province because it is one of their source of income. They are good in terms of farming.

Along the road you can see beautiful mountains where hikers and mountaineers spend their free time to explore nature and at the same time boost their physical strength.

You can see green forests in the province, and it’s really a blessing to be able to see and feel the nature when you are living in the City.

More or less four hours, we were able to reach the area.

You can buy this pasalubong treats, (printed clothing, miki Lucban pancit hab-hab, shing-aling,toasted breads, banana chips, crackers, chicharon, ube/milk pastillas, nuts etc. A lot of stores are located along the road, they offer different foods too.

Inside the Kamay ni Hesus compound, you can find a shop there which sells souvenir items.

It’s a very wide area where you can spend brisk walking and at the same time feeling the spirit and glory of God.

Roaming around beautiful places and to a new environment can help your mind and body.

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“Take your journey with a graceful heart. Let your mind learn, let your heart love and let your spirit care”.

Thank you so much for reading and visiting this post! God bless 

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