A glimpse of nature inside the Mall

It’s a beautiful day, and we’ve decided to visit the nearby Mall. Roaming around or doing a brisk walk with hubby is already a fulfilling activity for me. Chinese new year is approaching and that’s why this Mall has decorations in relation to Chinese beliefs. The owner of the mall is a Chinese, so you can expect to see these decorations around every Chinese new year. They have this beautiful and big money tree at the center of the mall, ang pao is attached at its branches. A money tree or they also call it the good luck tree is believed to serve as an invitation to good fortune and that it can bring money and abundance to people. The ang pao or the red envelope is a symbol of luck, life and happiness. It also serves as a token of good wishes during special occasions such as Chinese new year, weddings, birthdays, Christmas and regular new year. Even individuals who aren’t Chinese already adapted this belief.

It’s also a time for a mini trade fair inside the mall where small business owners are showcasing their products to mall- goers and one area have these beautiful products of nature! Cactuses, flowering plants etc.

Planting have become a source of income and activity for a lot of plant lovers during the pandemic.

It also served as a stress reliever and boredom remover to people who are staying at home the whole day. Plants can serve as natural air purifiers around the house, and it beautifies the surroundings as well.

These products of nature are very helpful in alleviating mood problems that could lead to depression for a lot of people during this challenging time.

“Take your journey with a graceful heart. Let your mind learn, let your heart love and let your spirit care”.

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