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A wedding anniversary letter to hubby

A wedding anniversary letter to hubby

Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary, and I am genuinely grateful that we come this far, wishing to spend more and more years being together until we reach what every couple dreamed of having forever! I am so blessed that our almighty gave such a good man to me, he is a God-fearing person, a loving father and husband, and a good citizen. He is the type of person who is always ready to give his all. He can do everything for the people that matters to his heart, and all of this makes him the best man that I want to keep for the rest of time.

Hubby and I spend the duration of our high school years in the same school but haven’t been lovers, we haven’t got the chance for a love connection during those time. After high school, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. It’s after 5 years, we were both graduating from college when God gave us the right timing to connect us again! So, we’ve exchanged messages, chats, and calls, and we’ve got to see, talk and share moments as lovers until all things went accordingly. We got married on the month and day of February 16, it’s one of the most precious days of our lives. The beginning of a new chapter wherein we will do all things according to God’s will.

It’s a beautiful day! Even though, hubby is not around to celebrate the day with us because of his job. He can’t be able to go home because of the pandemic but still, it’s very fulfilling to exchange sweet messages with him that day.

Every love story has its timing for it to grow, and if you follow God’s rule or law, it will forever glow.

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