Stop and be willing to appreciate the nature

It’s a traffic sign designed to notify drivers to stop and make sure that the intersection is already clear and safe of vehicles and pedestrians before continuing to past along. It was placed there to prevent crashes or accidents and to avoid incidents of misunderstandings along the road of whom should have the right way.

In life, there are times that we are too busy that we forget to appreciate the things that should be considered as big blessings in our daily lives. One of them is nature! Stop for a while, enjoy the surroundings and let your mind, heart and spirit to appreciate the given nature. 30 minutes of brisk walking daily is already a good achievement that can benefit you, physically and mentally.

A group of connecting trees that as if lying in the blanket of the beautiful sky.

It’s a good reminder also for us humans that we need to connect with each other and be able to help each one for this world to achieve its best. It’s really true that we all need to pour love with one another in order for this world to heal. We often hear crimes daily, news regarding fighting, unequal treatment, pains etc. All of this will only stop if all will be able to know the value of every person.

Refreshing white flowers along the road. White flowers are associated with purity, honesty, innocence, and perfection that’s why it’s also a perfect choice for weddings. It deeply shows a good intention and love.

The car on the road is on the side to avoid accident.

In life, we also need to choose the right path in order to avoid being ruined by life’s challenges or troubles.

Everything has beauty indeed but not everyone sees it.

There are beautiful fruits in nature that are less appreciated, unknown and unnoticed. Just like for some of us, there are people in our lives that we forget to value. We have to reconnect with them because time really run fast.

It’s a beautiful hand creation along the road. A big bee that as if protecting the surrounding nature.

This small plant lives in this large tree, it’s a shared life provided for the small one. In life, we have to practice sharing what we have, small or big will always matter to the recipient and will also matter with you as the giver because it’s really fulfilling.

It’s another day of walking with the environment, and I am happy to share moments and stories that nature wants to tell to all of us.

Thank you so much for reading and visiting this post 💞

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  1. RosalynLynn says:

    I absolutely love 😘💕 how you connect nature and the life we live 💗

    1. momsjourney says:

      Thank you for the appreciation, it really means a lot to me..
      Have a nice day 🌟
      God bless you always❣️

  2. Jake says:

    This post reminds me of when I lived near to a high-up viewing point where you look down at a beautiful forest. There were lots of people who just took their phones out, took a photo of it and then left without even looking at it directly. It’s crazy how little we actually appreciate nature these days. There is beauty all around us.

    1. momsjourney says:

      Sad to hear, but that’s reality. Hopefully all of us can learn and appreciate the importance of nature. There’s so much on it. 🏞️🌏
      Thank you for visiting this post.
      Have a nice day! God bless…

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