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Condensed sweet potato fries

This too-sweet to handle simple snack recipe is an energy-boosting food that you can enjoy as finger food. Sweet potatoes are considered root vegetables, it is a very nutritious ingredient in recipes, and in making desserts or snacks. It comes in different sizes and colors, including white, purple, and orange. When cooked it tastes creamy and soft, and with this […]

Shrimp paste veggie salad

This vegetable salad recipe was added with shrimp paste which we call here the bagoong alamang, this is a fermented condiment commonly used in our country as an addition to recipes, or as a dip for green mangoes (raw). It is primarily made from tiny shrimps added with salt and other spices. It’s available in grocery stores and this one […]

Boiled sautéed mung beans and veggies

No meat, no problem! As this recipe won’t make you sad! The mung beans and veggies will prove to you that they are also capable of fulfilling your cravings! This recipe is rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants etc. Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good to our health and can bring a negative result or bad effects in our […]

Elbow macaroni soup recipe

Keep your energy to the highest level with this energy-boosting elbow macaroni soup that you can enjoy during mealtime or as comfort food during snack time! Elbow macaroni shells aren’t just good for baked mac recipes, but also a very good ingredient in soup recipes. All in all this recipe is rich in carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and fiber. Note: Excessive […]

Cashew chicken meat and veggies

Are you a cashew lover? Why not make a recipe out of it! This fried and sautéed dish combines chicken meat, potato, red bell pepper and cashews, to offer a colorful and savory treat! All the ingredients blended well with the spices bringing some crunch and a delicious chew for every piece! Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good […]

Tasty braised- stewed pork belly

The simple technique in doing this recipe is that we have to fry the pork belly first with vegetable oil and then stewing it using the same pan by slowly adding the needed ingredients. The addition of banana blossoms and raisins makes this recipe more palatable. This recipe is rich in protein, fiber, potassium, and other essential nutrients. Note: Excessive […]

Creamy chicken meat recipe

This flavorful and tasty recipe, is an all-in-one nutritious dish! Tomato slices and chopped water spinach brought a good combination with the creamy sauce and chicken meat. Note: Excessive consumption of food is not good to our health and can bring a negative result or bad effects in our body. Always eat the right kind and the right amount of […]

Essential health benefits of cabbage and must-try recipes

One of the most common type of cabbage is the smooth-leafed, green and firm headed. It can be used in culinary by cooking or in making raw dishes. Some common methods of cooking cabbage are sauté, soup, stews, steamed, stir-fried, salad, coleslaw, it can be included in sandwiches, also can use as food wrapper for other foods. Below are the […]

Are you living a purposeful life?

Occasionally, we experienced feeling down because we felt like we are being left behind. Every so often we compare ourselves to other people who had already achieved a lot in life, but we have to take note that their road is different from what we are taking. Their goals, plans, and purpose in life are different from ours. We are […]

Important health benefits of chicken meat and must-try recipes

Chickens are a widely known type of poultry in the world, they are considered domesticated animals. It’s been a very beneficial source of meat and eggs for human consumption. Some common cooking methods are soups, grilled, sautéed, baked, curry and fried. Here are the important health benefits of chicken meat according to our health food source: It builds muscles, because […]

Essential health benefits of bananas and must-try recipes

Bananas are very popular fresh fruits in the world, and are regarded as athletics’ favorites due to its energy boosting capability. Considered as perennial fruits because they are grown throughout the year and are easy to cultivate. Health benefits of bananas according to our health food source: Caloric dense fruit, energy giving food. A good source of potassium and magnesium […]