What are the things that you’ll going to do when pandemic ends?

It’s already 2021 (year of writing this post), and it’s been quite a long time already that we’ve been in the state of this pandemic. Who had ever thought that this situation will prolong this far? This time there are again new variants of the virus which made some Cities to experience a curfew and a lockdown again. There are already some people who were vaccinated against Covid-19, but a lot are still waiting.

There are lots of activities, goals, and travels that aren’t fulfilled or suspended because of it. I know you also have a lot of plans when this pandemic ends isn’t it? Maybe you can share them on the comment box below!

Here are some of my “to-do-list” with my family after this pandemic:

  • Going to the church with the whole family, you know I always believed that this pandemic wants to give us all a lesson, and one of them is to strengthen our faith. Learn to pray and seek for the word of God. Yes, I know that praying can be made wherever you are, but to visit the holy church and pray inside feels more different for me. Let’s fulfill the journey of keeping our faith strong, and to lessen too much attachment with the physical world.
  • To Enjoy dining out or eating outside with the whole family, the duration of pandemic only allowed us to have minimal movements outside, far from what the normal scenarios before, we couldn’t dine and enjoy the food with the restaurant ambiance with ease. I always love to enjoy those food while eating with the family and while seeing other families enjoying their meals too.
  • Shopping, I miss this activity of walking and roaming around with my family at the nearby mall, finding things to buy, like foods in the supermarket- while kids are having fun picking what they want, buying kids’ and home stuffs etc. There’s a great impact when you are outside interacting to different people, because you’ve got to learn different attitude and personalities.
  • Doing outdoor activities with the kids, I would love to see them laugh and play again outside, freely and without worries. I want to let them appreciate their childhood with lots of fun as it is one of the most important stage of their life.
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  • Pursuing life goals and interests, Hubby and I, would love to start a business and until this pandemic happen. So I think it’s really an opportunity to pursue it when the pandemic ends. As we know businesses is on a hard track during these days, that’s why it’s better to pursue it to a safer time.
  • Traveling and a walk with nature, to travel nearby beautiful places. There are a lot of a must-see tourist spots here in the country that needs our appreciation and exploration. Also, to visit some relatives or friends maybe, and to share some stories, laughter and happy moments with them that could provide both learnings and memories to keep.

So that’s it, there might be some changes to this list but hopefully can be able to do all of these when everything else come back to normal. Thank you for visiting this post and have a great day ahead!

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  1. I would like to take a lot of time to travel, see the world again, and enjoy “care-free” moments

    1. momsjourney says:

      Wow that’s very nice!
      Hopefully all our goals and plans will come true soon!
      Thank you so much for visiting this post, I really appreciate it…
      God bless, and have a nice day💞

  2. RosalynLynn says:

    I would love to travel to my hometown and visit family and friends. Isn’t it amazing how much we appreciate the small things now? Great post 😊

    1. momsjourney says:

      Yes indeed! Small things before means a bit great and at the same time hard to do this pandemic, but I believed that we can pass through it, and be able to do all of our hearts desire soon 💞
      Thanks for visiting this post 🌹…
      Have a great day ahead 🌞

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