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Choose to view life positively!

A lot had already changed since we experienced the pandemic.

Our views about life, how we think, how we handle our daily tasks. The way we treat other people. The way we appreciate life. The way we enjoy simple and small things at the present. How we deal with our health, and spend a conversation with our loved ones and to other people becomes significant!

Positive view of life.
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All of these experiences that we’ve endured, brings countless learnings in our lives.

The way we use our time wisely, how we live happily, how we choose to avoid negativities and to live simply are some of the positive attitudes that it brought to all of us.

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How we define life also has an impact on how we view it. Some says that life is like a roller coaster or a vehicle’s tire. Sometimes you’re on top, and every so often you’re on the ground, that’s why it really pays to be humble and kind!

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Some says it’s like a long journey. That what you need to do is to wait. To focus on the things which you need to accomplish, and to have a lot of patience as you go along to reach your destination.

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Psalm 121:7-8 The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.

A verse to remember

Our view of life should be positive and should be base on the will of God.

We will go through countless tests to strengthen our faith, character and personalities, that’s why we should choose to live a righteous life.

Be mindful that God is watching over us! The response we show to various life’s situations. How we answer back questions from other people. How we treat those who ask for something, like the needy. The way we respond to someone who criticized or hurt us, and how we utilize the gifts that was given to us here on Earth.

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Character development and mindfulness is crucial in life. Always choose to be good, to handle every situation positively, and always note that God won’t give you tests which you can’t endure or pass through.

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3 thoughts on “Choose to view life positively!

  1. Mamalava

    Sometimes it feels like God has given us more than we can endure; but when we remember that He promises to walk with us, and we know that there is nothing that is impossible for Him, we realize that with Him, we can do all things!

    1. momsjourney

      Yes that’s true ✅💞
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!
      God bless 🙏

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