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The way we look into life really matters!

Life is very much related to time, that we can’t hold back, and once it’s gone, it’s gone! There is no rewind, playback, or time machine just like what we had watched in TV shows or any fairy tale and fictional stories when we were young!

Life really matters
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That’s why we should enjoy what we can enjoy, and explore what we can explore! Before the pandemic, for example, we have a lot of time to do some of our life goals. But some of us delayed it because we expect that we can still do it, next month, next year or some other time.

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Think of the things that you can do, or should do now, set a specific goal, write your to-do-list, and use a time frame.

What makes us skip all those happy moments which are very essential to life is our desire to get more, and to have more. Learn to live a simple life, and stop worrying about not having all the material things that you want, as it will just stress you out. Avoid being attached with all those material things because it would only bother your daily life, and it would only make you more miserable. Enjoy every moment while it lasts!

Focus on your calling, your purpose, and your mission. You have it! Believe me, you are created for something good. Make use of it to bring goodness to other people. We are all connected human beings, and what makes it worthy to live each day in this wonderful world is our will to connect and serve as an inspiration to someone else.

Image source: Photo library, provided by Pexels

Serve faithfully, nourish your spirituality, and offer what you can offer to the world unselfishly, these will make you great, and not those luxury, prosperity, power that are pushing you towards the wrongdoings of aiming to have it all.

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