Our Lady of Atonement in Baguio City Philippines

This post is all about the Our Lady of Atonement in Baguio City, and an inspirational life lesson that we should inculcate in our hearts based on a priest’s homily.

Our Lady of Atonement in Baguio City Philippines

Our Lady of Atonement has a twin spire and stained-glass windows, which attracts tourists who are visiting Baguio City. It was believed that it served as an evacuation center during the second world war under the Japanese occupation.

Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral is commonly known as Baguio Cathedral, it’s a Roman Catholic Church that is located at Cathedral loop adjacent to Session road in the City of Baguio.

The passage above is all about the History of the title of Our Lady of Atonement. Hope you can read this and be able to learn why it was given this kind of title.

Luckily, there is a mass exactly when we visited this church. We’ve attended it, and be able to listen, reflect and learned something about it. So, the homily of the priest is all about this topic, “Don’t forget to be good at all times”.

This is not a simple task that we can actually do in a day or two. This is a challenge for all of us because honestly, we are just humans with feelings and emotions that sometimes being carried away by many factors including environmental, different personalities, attitudes and beliefs, mood and emotional factors, stress, anxiety etc. These factors which trigger our negative side brings lots of added problems. Sometimes we thought that our pride and selfishness could make us strong and even better, but honestly, it only makes us weaker! In the sense that we find ourselves experiencing more disappointments, negativities, and struggles in life.

That’s why it really pays to be good because you’ll never know! As they say, the tire is round, and comparing to life -sometimes you are up and there are times that you’ll going down.

What does the priest means when he said this homily? He means that in whatever you do, whatever you say and wherever you are, the goodness within you should always take into consideration. You need to choose to be good, be righteous and everything that you’ll do will be fulfilled without regrets, worries and misery. Always treat people the way and how you would like to be treated. Of course, we would like to be treated fair, loved and respected! Let’s give it to one another. With self-control, mindfulness, sympathy and empathy we can do it. We just need to train our mind and heart to be a better person.

In one area, you can also see this reminder about the Ten Commandments, that each of us should learn and embrace by heart.

Note: Please respect our religious beliefs as we respect yours. We may have different religious beliefs and opinions regarding different religions, but what is important is that we have to carry good values that our religions taught us. Always remember that respect and love should exist in our heart to achieve peace and harmony that every one of us really deserves.

Visiting Our Lady of Atonement in Baguio is a very fulfilling activity that you should do, specially if you are a Roman Catholic. If you are a non-Roman Catholic, you can also visit and are also very welcome in this place. You might be interested also in knowing about our religion.

Thank you for reading this post! Please feel free to drop your comments below! Would love to read all of those! Have a nice day and God bless 

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