The Orchidarium in Baguio City, Philippines

The Orchidarium in Baguio City Philippines

This post is all about the Orchidarium in Baguio City and the health benefits of plants in our lives.

The Orchidarium is located in Shanum St. Baguio, Benguet. This is a garden like set-up store of different varieties of plants that are being sold depending on the kind of plant that you wish to buy. From cactus, ornamental plants to fruit bearing seedlings, you have many choices!

If you are a certified nature or plant lover, you will enjoy here! Just don’t forget to bring with you your money in case you want to buy some of these beautiful plants.

Below are the health benefits of plants in our lives. I have a separate post regarding this, you can check it out here.

Plants play a vital role in our lives:

  • They absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, which is essential to humans and animals.
  • They help to absorb rainwater, preventing floods.
  • Edible plants (fruit bearing and vegetables) are great sources of daily food.
  • Herbal plants are important in making herbal medicines or herbal supplements.
  • Ornamental plants improve and beautify our surroundings.
  • Plants are a great stress reliever, they have a good calming effect.
  • Not only that, plants can improve a person’s creativity and productivity.

What to do while you are in the Orchidarium?

  • Take a look and enjoy the beauty of different plants. Remember not to pick the plant’s flowers unless you would buy it.
  • Buy some of these plants as remembrance, and beautify your home.
  • You can take a photo of these plants. If you are a photo collector, you would enjoy this activity, as there are many different kinds of plants that you will be able to see here.
  • Learn about the plants’ names.

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Thank you for reading this post! If you have any experience or something to share regarding Baguio City, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

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  1. Maggie Kuhn says:

    Beautiful plants! Once, I tried growing a Venus fly-trap. It did it’s duty in my room, haha!

    1. momsjourney says:

      Wow! That’s so wonderful! That kind of plant was really helpful 💞
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Maggie 😊

  2. Tomas Curras says:

    Very nice. My wife’s family is from cebu and while I was there they would point out all the beneficial plants and we used some to cook.

    1. momsjourney says:

      That’s great! Good to know that your wife is a Filipino. Yes! Lots of plants, including some ornamental plants, are also edible 💞
      Thank you for sharing your experience related to this post…
      God bless 😊

  3. Very interesting to visit.

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Yes it is!
      Thank you 😊

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