Tips on how to respond appropriately

This post will help you give the appropriate response if somebody is trying to ask regarding your knowledge about a certain topic.

How to respond to a question appropriately.

Recently, I encountered a student in my tutorial session who asked me if how will she respond to a question? Considering that the person who is asking, was already aware that she took a certain course about health and nutrition, and wants to hear something regarding what she learned about the course? This is a part of her preparation for her incoming screening interview.

Just like in a normal scenario, we really can’t avoid being questioned, measured and being tested by anybody else. Whatever the reason, you always have to prepare in dealing and handling such kind of situation. This scenario shouldn’t alarm you, as this is one way for you to learn, and be aware of the things which you are good at, and to know the things which you need to improve.

Let me share with you some ways on what you can do if ever you encounter a similar scenario in the future.

Here are the tips on how to respond appropriately:

  • Before an interview (if ever this is the case, just like my student), you have to review and summarize what you learned about your entire course.
  • Plan possible answers, but make it natural or simple. Meaning, you should be using your original words or way to answer, and it should always be relatable to the topic.
  • Aim to stand out in giving your answer. (It should serve as your objective for the entire screening interview).
  • Make sure to eat your meal! Food is our greatest fuel in order for our body and mind to work properly.
  • Be calm and make sure that you are presentable.
  • Be confident and avoid overthinking.
  • Aim to focus and relax.
  • Make sure to answer the question in a way that is simple and straightforward.
  • Avoid to sound like you are bragging, and as if you know everything.
  • Always make it sure to present yourself as an educated person.
  • Do a restating of the question, like this. You are asking me about what I know, and what can I share with you regarding what I learned about my course?
  • Give a simple definition of your course.
  • Give a brief overview of your knowledge. The important keynotes regarding your course.
  • While answering the question, you have to maintain eye contact with your interviewer. It will show that you are confident in what you are saying.
  • Speak clearly and loud (but just enough to be heard).
  • Give appropriate hand gestures if possible.
  • Be kind and be humble.
  • Be able to ask the person back, regarding what else he/she would like to hear from you.
  • Give gratitude for the experience you encountered.

What if you were asked on the spot?

  • Stay relax and focus on answering the question.
  • Be confident, but don’t brag.
  • Maintain eye contact while giving your answer.
  • Express your answer by simple and clear sentences.
  • Don’t go off the topic.
  • Give gratitude for the experience you encountered.

Whatever the reason, or the outcome of the experience you’ve encountered, it will always be very beneficial for you. As it increases your exposure to different people and experiences that could help with your mental and social development.

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  1. lucytiche says:

    Great tips!

    1. momsjourney says:

      Thank you for the appreciation! 💞

  2. ogaraderrick says:

    I had an interview recently, it was sad. I’ll be sure to use this tips next time

    1. momsjourney says:

      Glad you found this post helpful! 💞
      But so sorry to hear about your experienced.
      I know you can make it nextime! Just go for it! God bless…

      1. ogaraderrick says:

        Thank you dear. Just learning my lessons and getting better.
        Bless you too.

      2. momsjourney says:

        You’re welcome!
        Always believe in your capability, just move forward and keep learning…
        Have a nice day 😊

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