The health benefits of having cats in the house!

This post will tackle about what cats can offer to you, the advantages of having them in the house and your tasks as a cat owner.

The Health benefits of having cats.
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I already made a similar post regarding Health benefits of having a dog in the house and this time, let us talk about what cats can also offer!

Cat lovers can relate to this! For instance, do you remember the time that you are lonely and then suddenly your cats came to you, that as if wanting to cheer you up? Playing around to make you happy, or touching your hands or feet? As a result, you responded by smiling and after that it made your mood feel better? It happened because of their charismatic and friendly behavior. The cats are aware that you are going through a hard time, or a difficult period in life, that’s why they are making ways to pick you up and help you feel ok!

Here is a list why having cats are very beneficial into your life!

  • Cats help to improve your general well-being. The cats’ soft voices helps to calm you down.
  • Helps to lower stress and anxiety. They can turn a bad day into a fulfilling one by providing you comfort and love.
  • Helps to lower your risk of getting heart related or cardiovascular diseases.
  • Considered great companions because they can reduce sadness or loneliness.
  • Cats have a healing effect, their naturally sweet and caring affection can help you deal with difficult situation.
  • They can be one of your support system, if ever you are battling from mental related problems, they can help you to cope better.
  • According to a study, cat owners can have a better psychological health than people without pets.
  • Cat owners looks happier, more confident, they are less nervous, and can be able to face life’s challenges easily.
  • Encourages exercise, makes you more secure and have an active living.
  • Cats are valuable companions, specially to older adults who are prone to loneliness and isolation.

Aside from the health benefits that they can offer to you, they are also helping your household free from insects and rats.

They are awesome housemates! They are beneficial to our lives, and therefore they deserve to be treated well. Below are some tasks which you have to do to keep them safe and healthy as well.

Your tasks as a cat owner:

  • Maintain your cats’ cleanliness or hygiene because just like a human being, pets also need this for them to be healthy, and for them to avoid or catch diseases.
  • In addition, make sure not to expose your cats to harmful microorganisms because it might transfer to you.
  • Furthermore, feed them well, but do not give foods that are inappropriate to them. Make sure not to give expired or spoiled foods, so better to check the food always.
  • Give them water, make sure they are hydrated.
  • Socialize with your cats! They love to be around you.
  • Consider them as a part of your family.
  • Appreciate their presence into your life.
  • Show them love and care too.

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  1. astraiasky says:

    I loved all the valid points you made in this post. I agreed with the entire list and would add that Cats (dogs too) provide entertainment. Just take a moment and count the number of Facebook videos that have cats spooked by a cucumber. Watching your adult cat play with a toy until he notices you watching is fun. Catching your two cats touching noses or cuddling is endearing.

    1. MJMCM, RN says:

      Yes that’s true! I agree on that…
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts in this post!
      I really appreciate it 💞
      God bless…

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