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30 parenting mistakes that you should avoid!

30 parenting mistakes that you should avoid!

This post will tackle about some mistakes that we must be willing to avoid as parents. Avoiding these mistakes could be very beneficial to our children’s welfare.

Image source: Credit to Photo library provided by Pexels.

Yes, it’s true that as parents we can’t really avoid making mistakes 💯 percent, but we should try our best and do as we could, for the betterment of our children. Our goal as parents should be to raise a child in a way that is acceptable and right.

Bad parenting has a considerable effect later on to our children, that’s why we have to do our best to avoid those effects. Parenting is a period in our life that we should enjoy and be happy with. Be willing to set your child as your big priority now, “I am” should be replaced with “my child”.

Your child or children will grow and the time that they are young, is the best time to fulfill the love and care that they needed. To be nourished with love and affection that they will bring along as they grow old must be one of our goal as parents.

Here are the 30 parenting mistakes that you should avoid!

  1. Being uncaring and cold.
  2. Unrealistic expectations regarding your child’s achievements.
  3. Being inconsistent about your parenting style.
  4. Fighting in front of your children.
  5. Not considering setting of limits and rules.
  6. Ignoring the questions of your child because you are busy.
  7. You don’t spend quality time with them.
  8. Poor listener, you don’t mind your child’s opinion or suggestions.
  9. Allowing bad behaviors because you think that it’s normal for kids.
  10. You don’t supervise them, even though you are free.
  11. You’re too authoritative and manipulative.
  12. Not recognizing their good behaviors. You are only noticing them if they do bad, by scolding and correcting them.
  13. You’re allowing the child do the things which are not acceptable.
  14. You are protecting your child from failure. You’re limiting the child’s self-development.
  15. Not offering praise for a job well done.
  16. Criticizing and comparing them to other children.
  17. You don’t show gratitude and positive behaviors.
  18. You are trying to hide their negative sides.
  19. Disciplining the child in public or in front of other people.
  20. You always give advice, but you don’t encourage them.
  21. You are not proud of their little efforts or life’s achievements.
  22. Not letting them explore and learn on their own.
  23. Not showing empathy or sympathy when they get hurt.
  24. You are a perfectionist, trying hard to raise a perfect child.
  25. Emotionally unavailable, you are physically present, but you don’t show it.
  26. Doing the actions or completing tasks for your child.
  27. Emphasizing that your child could do better than what the child can.
  28. Telling your child not to act like a baby.
  29. Asking the child, why are you so hard-headed?
  30. Telling your child that children like his/her age don’t act like the way he/she does!

Let’s create a happy childhood for our children, if ever you did some things listed, please don’t think that you are too bad, recognizing and correcting those mistakes isn’t too late!

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully, you’d found this post helpful, and please share or comment below. What other parenting mistakes you know that are not included on the list?

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