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The priceless moment of being a parent!

A parent's priceless moment.

It was 9:00 am that morning when I wrote this post. But it looks too early to get up! My kids are still on the bed sleeping at that time. They were maybe tired from yesterday’s fun activities and games! While sitting at the table next to them, they captured my attention, and little by little stopped my pen to write the article I supposedly writing.

Staring at their faces while they are sleeping was so calming and peaceful. It brings me a priceless moment that I enjoyed!

It makes me miss them so much. During the day, when they are at their active hours, I sometimes uttered these phrases! Please minimize your noise, please fix your toys, please listen and cooperate with mom! But then suddenly I realized that it’s their freedom, it’s their moment to be a child, to explore things, to express themselves, and it’s their time to utilize their childhood stage.

To all parents, let’s just enjoy being parents and let’s allow them to enjoy their childhood too!

Let us make it easy for them, and let us make it easy for us as well. Soon they will grow up and things wouldn’t be the same anymore! Those cluttered toys. Those noises and childish attitudes will soon change. This will make us miss them so much when we are sitting on that rocking chair with our significant other, holding hands and reminiscing the yesterdays of our lives.

Time flies so fast, and as that happens things also won’t stay the same. A few years or decades from now, they would have their own family and life apart from us. They will stay in their houses, go or work to other places and will fulfill their dreams in life through their decisions.

But what will stay in our memories, mind and hearts are the experiences we encountered and enjoyed with them. How we treat them well, how we help them with their growth and development. How we play and enjoy every activity with them, and how we instill the appropriate values they need as they grow and become good human beings, will ever be as good as wealth!

Thank you so much for reading this post! Please consider answering this: what are your priceless moment of being a mother or a father? Share some pieces of advice that you can offer to other parents, especially to those new parents out there. Please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section!

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